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Hi everyone!

I haven’t been blogging much lately but I promise I am working on some things to share with you. In the meantime, I’ve been sharing a few snippets of my life and design inspiration on….instagram! You can find me @shiningondesign. But beyond this feed…

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….it’s not all roses and sunshine. It’s been a lot of tears and a lot of stress! I know you don’t really want all the details.. and honestly, I don’t think I could even articulate everything.

But since you are kind enough to read this, I’ll try to sum a few things up. This past week has been a hard time for my family. We lost an incredible woman who I admired and adored. My Grandma was a amazing person and it is truly heartbreaking to see what my family is going through now.

Eric and I are also house hunting diligently and our time is running out! We haven’t found a place yet and we are trying to prepare for our second child (due in June!). Tick tock… part of me can’t wait but part of me wants time to SLOW down. Life really does go by too fast! So let’s try to enjoy every moment! 

I have been blessed to have been working with amazing design clients. I really appreciate all the referrals and am grateful to have enjoyed every project thus far. I am planning on taking on a couple more local projects before baby #2 and will continue offering e-design services. You can contact me here if you are interested 🙂

Thank you for your all support!

Samantha Regan

On a lighter note, and in case you haven’t heard, Instagram’s algorithm has changed and it seems like everyone has an opinion about it (all against it!). From what I understand, the more interaction (through “likes” and comments) the better. So keep them coming!

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