Would You Waterfall?

If you could design your dream kitchen, what would it include?

A walk in pantry, top notch wine fridge, hidden appliances? All of those are on my list. I literally dream about kitchen renovations sometimes. Instead of counting sheep when I can’t sleep, I’m creating lists in my head of must have features in my dream kitchen – and this waterfall island is at the top of my list.

waterfall kitchen island counter

In case you’re wondering, waterfall islands, also called waterfall countertops, are a beautiful design where the countertop seamlessly and continuously flows to the sides. “Falls off the edge” so to speak.

waterfall kitchen countertop island
{Image via House and Home}

There are many functional things on my wish list for my dream kitchen. The waterfall island is solely on there for aesthetic. It’s like a piece of art to me, with the right stone (or other material) of course.

marble waterfall kitchen countertops{Image via Style at Home}

My dream kitchen also includes marble. Not always practical in a kitchen, but I swear………. I’ll be SO careful!! Lemons and limes…beware.

waterfall kitchen island 1{Image via Bath and Granite}

and more marble……

marble waterfall kitchen island counter

waterfall kitchen island 2{Image via Lux Design}

I love the lines in various grays that just flow down seamlessly on this waterfall island. Can’t go wrong with a classic black, gray and white color scheme. Gorgeous design. That backsplash though….. hmmmm..

waterfall kitchen island 3{Image via Meredith Heron Design}

This kitchen! Isn’t it beautiful? The gold accents and feminine touches are just so pretty. And, more marble – YES please!

So, if you had the choice, would you waterfall?

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Samantha Regan


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