Wallpaper Update!

As I’m typing, our wallpaper is being installed in our sunroom!

I am so excited for this week’s One Room Challenge update. In case you missed it, last week I shared design plans for our sunroom as part of the Spring ORC. Today marks Week 2 of the challenge and we are tackling the one design element that makes the biggest impact of the room overall – the wallpaper!

This is the second time I’ve used Milton & King’s wallpaper and I love the quality (the first time we used Milton & King’s wallpaper was on an accent wall in our living room for my first ORC – you can see more in this post!). I remember my installer in Chicago then commenting on how great the Milton & King wallpaper is, and our installers here in Charleston are big fans of it too.

Above are the three options that we narrowed it down to. As soon as our samples came in, our entire family voted on the birds. I don’t know if all six of us have ever agreed on the same thing so quickly!

The name of the bird wallpaper is Dancing Broglas and available in four different colorways.

I took an Instagram poll for favorite choices and the Palms (bottom sample) came in first place there, which I also love. I’m hoping to use that somewhere else in the future. The top sample has a versatile pattern too which would be great in so many places (also available in many other colorways).

We are having Allison from Properly Pampered do the install today, if anyone is looking for a recommendation! I can’t wait to share how it turns out but as promised, I wanted to share a quick weekly update today.

Stay tuned for next more next week and behind on the scenes on Instagram stories (@shiningondesign)!

Samantha Regan

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  1. 4.11.24
    William Stoneman said:

    I am so excited to see wallcoverings making a come back!! They add so much.