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Taylor started Kindergarten today! I can’t even believe it. Time really does fly and I may have cried a few times. I wanted to make her first day of school special, like every parent! She picked our her outfit, packed her bag and we made a cute gift together for her teacher.

I thought I’d share if you are looking for a cute and easy gift idea for your kids teachers too. My mom is a kindergarten teacher and always appreciates when a student brings her fresh flowers. So flowers it was!

Since the first day can get kind of chaotic, my mom recommended putting the flowers in something so the teacher wouldn’t have to. I was a little worried about a vase in case it dropped and broke (that would not be a good start). So we got creative and found an adorable marble pencil holder at Homegoods which was perfect. Her teacher can reuse this too!

Ours was from Homegoods but here is a similar one: Marble Pencil Cup. Here are a few other options at different price points:

Also, remember to label any gift so the teacher remembers who it is from. We wrote her teachers name and Taylor signed her name on a scallop sticker label. We keep these cute stickers on hand just for things like this!

For privacy reasons, I’ve blurred out her teachers name but you can get the idea 🙂

Taylor also packed her teacher a snack (an apple) in case she forgot one. How sweet is she?

Another thing we did to make Taylor’s first day a little extra special was having her backpack and lunch box monogrammed. We didn’t buy new this year since both were in great condition still. She loved seeing her initials and a new keychain on them.

PS. If you’re in the Chicago area, I highly recommend Luv Thy Name for personalizing items. They always do a great job and were able to squeeze this project in for me last minute.

I still can’t believe she is in kindergarten already. I may be giving her too many hugs this week!

Any ideas for other favorite teacher gift ideas? Send them my way!

Samantha Regan

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