Winter Getaway

We took our first trip together as a family of four last weekend and it was a blast. In case you missed my last post of 2016 I hinted that there would be some changes around here. Well, don’t worry, this is not turning into a parenting or travel blog!

Being a mom is the best job I’ve ever had (designer is 2nd) and my family means the world to me. And I know a lot of my readers and clients are also parents (or will be one day) so I’ll be sharing a little more about our daily lives. I’ll have these categories labeled as “Family” or “Personal” so feel free to skip these, or peruse! (You can navigate these on the main sidebar under the Categories dropdown menu).

So we took a little family road trip last weekend before our lives changed a bit… and went to the Wisconsin Dells! I actually don’t love waterparks… they make me so nervous for some reason (and I used to lifeguard!).

But, we couldn’t have picked a better place to go because Taylor loooves waterparks. I’ve never seen a happier girl in my life!! I also learned Eric loves waterparks just as much as Taylor!

It was pretty much non-stop fun for everyone. Kinzie preferred the land this trip but she’s still “getting her feet wet” in the water. She did much better on our last day!

All in all we had a blast. We stayed at the Wilderness Resort which we had heard was one of the nicer options (the other recommendation was Kalahari). I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first time at the Dells but a few things we loved:

  • The resort is HUGE! 600 acres huge. We could walk indoors to restaurants, arcades and 3 waterparks. It was 10 degrees last weekend so this was a huge plus! The room size was nice too. We had a double suite which included a privacy wall and kitchenette.
  • You can carry your drinks everywhere in the resort. It felt like a mini Vegas (a very kid friendly mini Vegas!)
  • The Wild WaterDome waterpark was by far my favorite. It felt like we were outside enjoying the sunshine!
  • Restaurants: Fields at the Wilderness – A Frank Llyod Wright inspired setting, white table cloth steakhouse, yet still very kid friendly. The food was delicious!
  • Another restaurant we loved was right next door to the resort, The Cheeze Factory. I found this on yelp and after reading reviews like “the best restaurant in the Dells, we had to try it. I didn’t read the description carefully though and was surprised to discover the entire menu was plant based. I was a little skeptical at first but everything we tried tasted amazing!! I had the “chicken” flatbread which I highly recommend. It was full of flavor and the texture was just like real chicken. I can’t wait to go back! It was that good…

Waterparks are exhausting (we all look so tired here!) but I promise, there were plenty of smiles this day!

Have you been to the Dells? Any tips or favorite places we should bookmark for our next trip? Please share!

Now back to work for me! I’m working on 4 bathrooms right now (unbelievable!) and will be sharing some stunning items I’m sourcing this week – stay tuned!!

Samantha Regan

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  1. 1.10.17
    Josannah said:

    It looks like you all had a much deserved break in the Dells! As a fellow mama and your SIL, I am looking forward reading more of the family posts. Congrats on all of the new design work and on Eric’s new job. There are so many things to celebrate! P.S. The water photo (second from last) is very artistic, nice job!

    • 1.17.17

      Thank you! It was so nice to getaway for a bit and have fun. Eric will be thrilled to see your comment on the water photo! He gets all the artistic credit!