When in Waco…

Hi y’all! I just got back from Texas and I have to say, one thing I really wanted to bring back was the accent! Is that not an appropriate souvenir??!

Maybe next time ūüėČ

We flew into Dallas and our destination for three nights was Austin. On the drive was¬†the mecca of farmhouse decor, Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.¬†Now known on the map for being the home of Chip and Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper”.

We loved visiting Waco¬†so much that we stopped again on the way back to the airport. It was just a few minutes off the highway (so convenient!).¬†Just outside of Waco, we discovered a couple other treasures which I’m so excited to share with you too!¬†

I’ll be posting about more highlights from our trip and things¬†to keep in mind for visiting for Magnolia, but until then.. here are a few peeks of our little adventure….

On Day 1, we stopped at the Magnolia Market which deserves an entire blog post itself. It was filled with so much home inspiration. More on that soon but for now here is a glimpse of what kind of treasures the shop has..

And the famous SILOS!

Although¬†I’ve only watched a season of the show¬†(still catching up!), I now understand why fans travel hundreds of miles to Magnolia. If you look up¬†#milestomagnolia,¬†you will know what I mean.

These silos have become quite the destination!


(sorry for the blurry iphone shot! But I did travel 1,009 miles so had to post this one)

Our next stop was JDH Designs, which is where Joanna Gaines goes for her metal signs. It was about 20 minutes from Magnolia and such a beautiful drive. I was born a city girl, but this drive convinced me I may be a country girl at heart!

The shop itself is small but they have a viewing center so you can see the signs being made. They have plenty of options to choose from and offer custom orders. Averaging over 300 custom orders a month which keeps them very busy.

We were about to get in the car to leave when Jimmy Don himself stopped us to say hello! One of us in the group was a little star struck ūüėČ We chatted with Jimmy for awhile and he is the nicest, down to earth guy. And funny!

A few¬†things we learned about Jimmy, his company and success from “Fixer Upper”. And Jimmy, sorry for the inquisition but thank you for being so patient and kind with all my questions!!

  • Signs that are sold at Magnolia are not sold at his shop. And vice versa. The ones that are at Magnolia (including this one I bought for myself!) are all Joanna’s designs.
  • The¬†Memorial Crosses Jimmy¬†makes for the Texas Rangers are what he considers his first successful item. He still makes them today.
  • His two sons work at the shop with him. I’m pretty sure we saw one of them drive away in Jimmy’s brand new hot rod!¬†
  • Jimmy is very detail oriented and has to get things just right. This is such an important quality to have and I appreciate that Jimmy is still the one behind the computer working out the details.
  • When he needs a break from the computer, he’ll go outside and shoot his pistol!

As we continued our drive towards Austin, guess what my friend Becky miraculously spots from the road? The Magnolia House!!

In case you aren’t familiar, it’s the vacation house¬†that recently opened. It is basically impossible to spot from the road we were driving on and I’m pretty sure Becky has a 6th sense for all things Magnolia (you can ask me in person about the other one she spotted! You wouldn’t believe it!! I can’t even…..)

If anyone wants to go in on a booking here, let me know. I hear there are some openings in 2018…!

Last stop on the way back to the airport was Harp Design Co. where you can find stylish home decor items and dining tables that were used in homes on the show “Fixer Upper”. Clint Harp makes beautiful pieces for Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Clint and his wife, Kelly, also just started a new show called “Against the Grain” on the DIY Network.

Custom orders can be placed for dining tables, benches and outdoor pergolas. Everything I’ve seen from them so far is gorgeous. Don’t worry if you aren’t local – they ship everywhere in the US for a surprisingly reasonable price.

   I did not bring the accent home with me, but I did bring these striped napkins! 

Alright, ya’all that is all for now! More goodness coming soon ….


Samantha Regan

Photo credits: thanks to my friends Jamie and Becky for helping with photos!


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  1. 3.31.17
    Lauren said:

    Love seeing a little of each place from your trip! Looks like a great time filled with a lot of inspiration.

    • 4.1.17

      Thanks Lauren! It was a wonderful experience and inspiring!

  2. 4.1.17

    Like like a great time! I’ll bet you wanted to buy everything!

    • 4.1.17

      I had to really think about how much I could take back in my carry on! Hard decisions ūüėČ I can’t wait to hear about Cuba!!!

  3. 5.15.17
    Liz said:

    I can’t wait to visit!