Welcome Baby Danny!

Meet Daniel Terry Regan

We have a new addition to our family!! Baby Daniel joined our family the morning of Sunday, August 23rd and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Everything went very smoothly and we are counting our blessings every single day to have 4 beautiful and healthy kids!

All three big sisters ADORE their little baby brother and It absolutely melts my heart. It’s so sweet!! I love that Taylor always wants to hold him, Kinzie gives him a million kisses a day and Harper will lay down right next to him and just talk away.

I love these sweet newborn days. He loves to snuggle, eat and sleep. And he stays in one place which I know I’ll really miss in about a year!

The girls have been calling him “Baby Dan” (and “the new baby”) but we are thinking Danny will be the nickname that sticks. His name honors both sides of our family which makes it extra special. Eric’s dad was a Daniel and his middle name, Terry, is my maiden name.

We are trying to take it as easy as possible while adjusting to this new chapter in our lives. The girls started school at home the same week he was born so there’s been a lot of changes here. The silver lining to living through this pandemic is that we can be on our own schedule for the most part. Sometimes we stay in our pajamas way too long but that’s OK for now!

Danny is already a couple weeks old and I feel like the days have just flown by. Although the nights seem long! I’m a little sleep deprived, as expected, but everything is going pretty well so far. I will share more on his first month, birth story and favorite baby & postpartum things soon.

For now, here are some of our favorite moments from his first week with us!

This pic was taken by our nurse a couple minutes after he was born. When she offered to take our photo, I almost declined since I just wanted to snuggle him up.I am SO glad she took it though because it’s a great memory for us. And look at Danny’s little squishy cute face!

We weren’t allowed to have visitors but the girls got a peek through the hospital room window!

Eric had to wear a mask in our hospital room only if staff members were also in the room.

Bringing him home just over 24 hours after delivery! He’s so tiny in the car seat!

Danny wore the same outfit home the hospital that Taylor wore over 6 years ago when we brought her home.

Our lil “guard dog” is always looking out for Danny

First picture with all 4! My favorite picture of all time.


Samantha Regan

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  1. 9.19.20
    Susanne said:

    Congratulations on the newest addition!! What a handsome guy he is and so lucky to have 3 big sisters that love him so much.