Top 5  Area Rug Tips

from designer & blogger Samantha Regan

The right area rug can anchor a space and provide comfort, style & interest in a room.  Here are my 5 top tips to keep in mind when selecting an rug for your home ~

1. Rug size matters The #1 mistake I see is using rugs that are too small for a space. A general rule of thumb is that the front legs of all furniture should touch the rug.

2. Color When it comes to choosing a color for the rug, a good tip is to choose similar hues of other colors in the room. If designing from scratch, the rug is a good place to start! Also, dark colors make a space look smaller. Lighter shades will make it look more open.

3. Layer over carpet A rug is important to add even in carpeted rooms to visually ground the space. It is also a way to add interest, pattern and extra comfort ~

4. Material & Durability Selecting the right material is especially important in high-traffic spaces. There are so many durable & washable indoor/outdoor rug options available now that make is easier.   Ask me about my favorite sources for these!

5. Scale of the Pattern  Consider the scale of the pattern in relation to the room. Big patterns in small spaces will create a statement, but can be overwhelming.