Shop the Flea Market like a Pro

Flea Markets are filled with rare & unique finds just waiting for a new home .......................

Here are my top 10 tips for shopping Flea Markets like a PRO >>>>>

2. Bring cash (easier to barter)

5. Ask makers if they do custom orders and always take a business card

 6. Look at the SHAPE of furniture and keep an open mind if it has good bones. Things can always be reupholstered and painted.

7. Make a list beforehand and know the measurements if you are looking for something specific. Bring a measuring tape!

8. If you are drawn to a piece, keep an open mind. I've used tiles like this as artwork in a clients home >>

Always think about different ways you could use something!  The tiles as art added texture to this space.

9. It’s more fun with a friend ~ I love going with my mom and bouncing ideas around!

10.  Keep an eye out for one-of-a- kind pieces. These are the finds that give your home personality!