Our Playroom Reveal

from designer & home decor blogger Samantha Regan

Our playroom is organized & finally photo ready!   I'm sharing some of my favorite things for keeping it well styled + tips to make it easy for cleaning up ~

With 4 children at different ages, it took plenty of thought and time to get our small playroom organized and well designed.

The first thing to tackle the playroom was space planning. Each category of toys has its own section within the room (ie: dress up, building, animals, etc)

The next step was utilizing these built in shelves to the MAX.

The craft shelf is filled with glass containers from the dollar store. It's easy for the older kids to see what we have and get creative!

If you don't already have the nugget, I highly recommend it~ The kids love making it into forts, climbing on it and more. It's one of the most used things in our house!