from designer & Mom of 4  Samantha Regan

How We Do Family Movie Nights

Movie nights with our kids are a favorite in our home.  I'm sharing our set up, go-to snacks and a fun way to pick which movie to watch, without the drama ~

* Setting Up * We move over our coffee table and throw down the nugget.

Snacks  Popcorn (of course) + a candy & nut mix up are our go-to's 

These cups have been great for small serving sizes. I love adding in some healthy snacks, like fruit cups & veggies whenever I can.

Plenty of pillows and blankets are a must. Usually a few stuffed animals too. This is just a snippet while I’m prepping for our movie time!

Picking THE movie can be challenging so here’s our solution: write down a list of 6-8 movie options. Roll a dice (if 6) or create a spinner for more options. Easy DIY on blog posr~