How I Decorate using White with Kids and Pets

As an interior designer and a mother of 4 small children, I have learned a few secrets to decorating with white while still being a kid (and dog!) friendly home ~ 

Use washable paint for the walls. We have an eggshell finish on most of our walls which cleans up well overall. Magic Erasers are my best friend when it comes to tougher messes!

Look at outdoor furniture options to use indoors. I fell in love with these outdoor counter stools for our kitchen and they have held up incredibly well over the years (and many chocolate desserts and pasta dinners!)

Washable Furniture is KEY with small children and pets. Slipcovers for sofas + chairs and quality washable fabrics are my go-to's.

I also add Oxy Clean to the sofa slipcovers when needed which works wonders ~