Girls Bedroom Makeover ~

from designer & home decor blogger Samantha Regan

Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm an Interior Designer and Mom of 4. I love sharing home decor finds and attainable inspiration on my blog ~ We recently gave my oldest daughter's bedroom a mini makeover ~ Here are some favorite details!

I LOVE her new bed with fluted details and large drawers underneath for extra storage ~

I added a dressing area with a fabulous mirror and roller rack for her go-to clothes & shoes ~

I added flower string lights to this lamp (from Target!) to make it special and it glows beautifully at night!

This is her craft area with supplies in clear containers to see everything easily ~

Her room has french doors so we added roller shades for privacy. I love how they blend in well not to take away from the beauty of the doors~

Cute rattan storage basket for the abundance of stuffed animals ~