Top Favorite Things in Our Kids' Playroom

from designer & home decor blogger Samantha Regan

A few months ago, I gave our kids playroom a major overhaul. With 4 small children ages 1-8, it was not an easy task!  Organizing and designing this room was one of the hardest but most rewarding project that I’ve ever done!  Here are some of my favorite elements ~

The Nugget (play couch) has been a favorite thing in our house. We rotate toys every now and then so this sometimes is in our playroom, living room or basement. The kids make forts, slides and lounge here. This was a Christmas gift a couple years ago and one of the best.

Having a washable rug that we can throw in the washing machine is a must for our playroom.

The craft shelf is filled with glass containers from the dollar store. It's easy for the older kids to see what we have and get creative!