DIY Wallpaper for our Dining Room

from designer & home decor blogger Samantha Regan

I love the look of wallpaper and just finished wallpapering our entire dining room  ~ It was fairly easy but does take patience. Here's a look + few tips to use peel & stick!

When choosing a pattern, it will help if it is a "forgiving" pattern in case you don't line everything up perfectly.

This peony print has a lot of movement so it worked nicely when lining up the wallpaper panels.

Do your research on the company you are purchasing peel & stick wallpaper from. I've used quite a few and you'll want to use a good one (trust me on this!!)

My 2 favorite companies for peel & stick wallpaper to purchase from are Wallpops and Rocky Mountain Decals. Both are very easy to work and have flexibility in the material.