Secret to Keeping my Fiddle Leaf Thriving 

from designer & home decor blogger Samantha Regan

I love all my indoor plants but keeping them alive and well does not always come easily.  Here are a few secrets that have helped our fiddle leaf healthy and thriving over the years!

But first let's start with a BEFORE, of what our fiddle leaf looked like just a couple years ago....(looking pretty sad!)


I read about banana water and gave it a try. Within months, my fiddle leaf started coming back fuller and growing fast ~

And here's what it looks like TODAY!

Banana peels have if nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese which help your plants thrive. I save my banana peels and let them soak in water overnight.

I then toss the peel and use the water for the fiddle leaf fig. I water him 2-4 times a week, give him plenty of sunlight and keep him in the same place (I've heard plants do NOT like to be moved!)