from High Point Market Fall 2021 by Samantha Regan

5 Interior Design Trends of 2021

High Point Market is the world's LARGEST furniture trade show and described as "Fashion Week for the Home" ~ Here are 5 of 10 of the interior design trends seen at this years market!

1. Curved furniture. I love that this adds a softer element to a space and create a nice flow in a floor plan.

2. Natural Accents You’ll notice lots of rope, rattan, cane, and more accents woven into furniture and light fixtures more than ever before

3. Large Scale Patterns Bold and large scale patterns are a great way to make a statement, or conversation piece in a room.

4. Performance fabric People are spending more time inside our homes than ever before these days. Performance fabrics are durable, easy to clean and more available than ever before on stylish pieces.

5. Bright and Colorful designs While neutral tones aren’t going anywhere, there is definitely an upswing in colorful and bright interiors.