A Top Fabric Choice for Upholstery

I found the cutest chair at a resale shop and when it came to selecting a new fabric, I knew exactly which brand I was going with. Since we have 3 little kids, this is the only fabric I TRUST in my house.

I’ve been spreading the word about this *magical* fabric to friends, clients and on instagram ~ I can’t believe it took so long to write a post here!

I got the opportunity to learn more about Crypton fabric at High Point Market last year and I was BLOWN AWAY. You can literally spill red wine on this fabric or color it with a highlighter and it will clean up easily.

I recommend it to all my clients and friends, especially when investing in upholstery projects. This fabric is truly amazing.

It’s STAIN-resistant, moisture resistant and odor resistant.

Your kids could color with markers all over it and it will clean up; it will clean up even if you spill juice, coffee or wine (which happens way to often in our house!). I’ve cleaned up markers and wine spills on it easily.

I did an instagram story earlier this year showing all these examples in action (saved it under insta highlights so you can still view it!).

I also wanted to make this chair a little extra special. Since we reupholstered it at the same time Harper was getting out of her baby stages, I added one of her muslin baby blankets underneath.

I trust that the Cypton fabric will preserve this piece and now the chair has some sentimental value for our family.

I do get questions about what is in the fabric – specifically about the safety given that it is so resistant to messes.

I’m happy to say it is an eco friendly fabric and does NOT contain any toxic chemicals, which is impressive given how durable the fabric is. It also FEELS soft (not like an outdoor fabric). I highly recommend ordering a sample for your next project!

Some larger retailers are starting to offer pieces in it now too which is great. You can find it at Potterybarn, CB2 and Ethan Allen.

Thank you Crypton for partnering with me on this project! Can’t wait to get the next one started!

Samantha Regan

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