Surprise! We’re Moving!


We officially SOLD our house last week!! Andโ€ฆ.

We are moving to Charleston, South Carolina ๐Ÿ’• 

We have been dreaming about moving south for years and so excited to finally make it happen and share the news with you.

The last couple of months have been a complete whirlwind of emotions as we have been getting the house ready to sell, prepping for our goodbyes, and starting to pack. It has not been easy, to say the least! But overall we are thrilled to be moving on to the next chapter of our lives and a new adventure.

Here’s a little FAQ on our move ~

Why are we moving?! How did you land on Charleston?
Eric and I have been talking about moving to the Carolinas since we met, but our jobs, and just life in general, kept us from really taking a move seriously. After the pandemic, workplace shifts, and us growing out of our home here, we felt like it was the right time. We focused on North Carolina at first and spent many trips scouting neighborhoods, but our hearts kept going back to Charleston, a city we both fell in love with. It took a while to find the right neighborhood, and thankfully we did in a suburb close to the city and beaches ๐Ÿ™‚

When is the move?

All the stars seemed to align for this to happen. We were able to sell our house very quickly, luckily, through a friend from Harper’s preschool. Selling a home with four small children and a dog (plus the logistics of moving across the country!) is not for the faint of heart. We are so grateful to have been connected with an interested family before our house went on the market and who ended up giving us a great offer + the flexibility we needed to move out. We officially closed on our house last week  ๐ŸŽ‰  and are now renting back from the new owners for a couple more weeks while we pack up, and the kids finish the school year.

When will the new house be completed?

We just had our preconstruction meeting last week and were happy to hear that our house might be ready an entire month earlier than the original date! They are aiming for early Fall. We have a short-term furnished rental home in our neighborhood that we will live in until it is ready. It’s crazy to think the boxes that I’m packing up today won’t be unpacked for 4-5 months!

Here are a couple snaps of us standing on the lot where our house will be built ~

Summer plans?

We have about a month or so gap between moving out of our home here and before our rental home will be available. We are taking advantage of this free time and are deciding between 2 air b&b’s that we have on hold. One is right on the beach, with beautiful ocean views, on the coast of Virginia, but small. The other is in a coastal town in Florida and very kid friendly (we are now leaning towards this one!). We figured tourist season is in full swing in Charleston in the summer, and we may never have the flexibility to “summer” anywhere once all the kids get back into their activities and things. The kids are very excited about lots of beach time with either option, and I am thrilled to take some time to explore a new area and hopefully have a very laid-back summer.

About the new house ~

Eric and I did a ton of research before making this decision, and we feel at ease knowing that the floor plan we chose for the house will be very similar to our home here. It’s kind of funny how similar the layout is to what we have now! We love our home here, and the first-floor layout works well for our family. We just needed more bedrooms. We will have six bedrooms in the new house, including a guest suite on the main floor separate from our bedrooms. We are planning and hoping for lots of visitors ๐Ÿ™‚

We also knew that we wanted privacy in the backyard vs. backing up to another house. We jumped on the last lot that had a protected woodland view, right in the neighborhood we liked. I keep saying it, but it seems like everything has fallen into place, making this move feel right.

I’ll share more soon about choosing the design selections for the house and am excited to share more home decor content! And thank you to all for following along with my One Room Challenge updates! I had hinted that plans were shifting after I started the challenge, but I’ll keep sharing updates (this week will be both weeks 6 & 7 lumped together) and then the final reveal will still be on May 24th ๐Ÿ™‚

Samantha Regan

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  1. 5.15.23
    Sandra Milton said:

    Congratulations on this next step in life! How exciting! Wish you and your family the best in South Carolina.

  2. 5.15.23
    Leslie R. said:

    Congratulations!! How exciting for your family. Good luck with the move and look forward to seeing more of your new home in Charleston!

  3. 5.16.23
    Debby Visus said:

    Congratulations! Is your mom moving too!

  4. 5.16.23
    Greta Joy said:

    Congratulations Regan family!!!! So excited for your new adventures!

  5. 5.16.23
    Liz said:

    Congratulations! We are in the process of selling our home in Massachusetts and moving to a suburb next to Charleston as well. Canโ€™t wait to follow along your journey!