Our Sun & Moon Day!

We hosted a little playgroup for the solar eclipse and wanted to share a few of the pics from today!

Also, here is a sneak peek of our new chandelier from Bellacor! Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ll be sharing all the details on it soon so stay tuned!

A couple times a month, some good friends and I get together for a playgroup with all our kiddos. It has grown to 11 kids (almost 12 since one Mama is in labor right now!). It was a small bunch today but we went all out with the food and drinks inspired by the solar eclipse.

By “we”, I mean my mom and me. She is a kindergarten teacher and so clever. A few ideas we saw on Pinterest and added a couple too. I also included some notes on ideas that we didn’t do but to keep in mind if you ever have a sun and moon party! Wouldn’t that be cute for a kids party?

Obviously these beverages were for the adults only!!

Blue MOON and Riesling. Kids had Capri Sun and Sunny D lemonade.

The grapes were the “moon” and the cheese the sun 🙂

We used cookie cutters for the fruit and sandwiches. The yellow tomatoes are even called “Sunburst” tomatoes.

We used pineapples to cut little “suns”. Bananas would be a great alternative too.

Sun-maid Raisins (always a hit!)

My mom created this cute cookies for the solar eclipse. The oreos are the moon covering the sun! So cute and way too delicious 🙂

She also takes full credit for this craft she made with Taylor! If you want the tutorial, send me a message. She loved making them!

We also had crayons and coloring pages which are so easy to make and entertaining for the kids. I just did a quick google search and printed a few out.

A few items on our shopping list:

  • Sunchips
  • Moon pies
  • Sunny D (we got the lemonade sunny D)
  • Capri Sun juice boxes (they make an organic version now too)
  • Blue Moon beer
  • Reisling with the sun on it
  • Hot dogs and crescent rolls to make rocket dogs (we didn’t end up making these but cute idea!)
  • Watermelon and other fruit. Use cookie cutters to make them into moon and stars)
  • Sandwich items
  • Cookie mix and oreos!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the eclipse today too!

Samantha Regan


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