Styling Our Family Photo Shoots

It’s family photo time!

We have done quite a few family photo shoots and every time is so different. I used to scramble around last minute trying to figure out outfits, location, etc but I’ve come along way! We still leave a lot up to chance but I wanted to share a few things that help us plan and style the family shoots. 

Plus, if you are on the North Shore of Chicago, I have an amazing photographer who works magic.

Twirling Taylor


“YES!”. Kinzie was happy with the photos too.

What to wear?

Think pattern and colors!! But don’t go crazy with the outfits.

Secret? I’ve coordinated family photo shoot outfits based on room color schemes before so they wouldn’t clash with the decor. It’s safe to say I like florals, blue and white stripes and neutrals when it comes to outfits and decor! These always seem to make an appearance in our shoots 🙂

Location and Purpose

Think about what kind of background you want when choosing your location. If you are planning to display them at home, think about using a backdrop that is different from your house (especially the room they are going to be hung in!).  An outdoor setting is usually a go-to for us. I happen to love architecture and nature so those are two elements we try to incorporate!

Having extra outfits on hand helps too! Since we don’t get photos as often as I’d like, we did have an outfit change.

Everyone except for Eric since his attire went with everything.

Don’t over think it!

I feel pressured sometimes to get cute photos. I am much more comfortable behind the lens! You never know how long you have until the melt downs begin with the bambinos  (or husbands! Totally kidding 😉

But seriously, I need to remind myself of this tip because the best photos come from when you are relaxed! My favorite photos are the ones of us that are totally not posed or pressured.

Forgetting about the camera is not easy for most of us but try to DO whatever it takes to get there.

Normally our photo shoots are just us and the kids but my little brother was moving to London and this was the LAST day we were together in the United States for a long time.

Moments like these will forever be cherished and I’m so glad we got to capture some with a great photographer.

I want to keep these girls little forever!


This tip I learned from my brother and sister-in-law because their gestures were just too perfect!

“Imitate the kids gestures!”

How did I not know this was the secret to the cutest photos ever??! 

Another tip? Get a photo of the two of you. The ones that made a family. We always forget this one! And I made it a point because we never have cool photos of just Eric and me any more. I love how these turned out.

Kuddos to Eric for picking an awesome spot too.

Note also the outfit change! I picked this dress for myself for our photo shoot but it would have clashed with the girls dresses. So I went with a different option for our family pics but still got to wear this one.

Oh, did I mention lollipops? We knew we could squeeze in a few extra smiles when these came out. Bribery at its finest 😉

The hardest, and most important thing for your family photo shoot really comes down to the photographer!

Let’s face it, you can do all the planning but if you don’t feel comfortable with the photographer, your photos will be shot. And I don’t mean like headshot, I mean, shot like s*it 😉. So do your research and find a photographer that matches YOUR personal style and you can trust.

Lauren, really knows how to capture our best moments and all the credit there goes to her! Finding a great photographer can be really hard and we are lucky she helps us out! Also, she is the most down to earth person I’ve ever met and if you do live nearby, I highly recommend her. She’s also amazing with the kiddos.

You can literally take my word for it.

By the way, Lauren had no idea that I would be writing this blog post before but she did give me the OK after to share her info with you. 

I first met Lauren when she photographed Eric’s brother, Sean and Nicole Regan’s wedding. Lauren is so talented and if you live in the north suburbs (or willing to travel), I highly recommend booking a session. Lauren’s e-mail is Don’t miss her Spring Special!!

Samantha Regan


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