Trick to Reviving Wilted Hydrangeas

Eric and I just celebrated 7 years of being married! We spent the day reminiscing with photos, recreating our first date meal and he bought me a beautiful flower arrangement ~ which is especially a treat these days! My normal Trader Joe flower trips are on hold with the pandemic so I definitely appreciated this.

When one of the hydrangeas wilted right away, I remembered a trick I heard about in an online gardening group I’m in. I was a little shocked when I heard you use BOILING water, but I tried it and it worked wonders!!

Note: I’ve used this trick many times now, and most of the time it works~ there’s been a few times though that the hydrangeas do not come back. To me, it’s ALWAYS worth taking a couple minutes to try though!

This is what one of the hydrangeas looked like at first:

And after this tip with boiling water, here is what it looked like HOURS later:

Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s what I did to revive the wilted hydragea:

  1. Cut the stem
  2. Dip stem in boiling water for 30 seconds
  3. Place in room temperature water
  4. Wait and see!

I had done this late at night and in the morning, it was a beautiful hydrangea again. I’ve also heard you can add boiling water to a vase but I haven’t tried that one yet.

Another trick that I’ve been doing at home is soaking banana peels in water for a couple days. Removing the banana peel and giving the water to our house plants. Our fiddle leaf fig wasn’t looking great but after a month of doing this, it looks healthy again! I’ll share more on that too soon ~

I need to get a good pic of the fiddle leaf but you can see a peek here!

Hope this post was helpful! I’d love to hear if you give these tricks a try 🙂

Samantha Regan

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