Rethinking the Typical Accent Chair

Hanging chairs are now seen everywhere from high end lofts to kids rooms but I’ve never considered having one in my own space, until now….

Modern living room with hanging egg chair

My husband recently asked me one of my favorite questions. Here’s how our conversation went..

Eric: “Is there anything you would like for the house?” I think he was hoping I would say something easy like a bench or throw pillow that he could give me as a holiday gift.

Me: “A comfortable chair for our living room, something with character.”

Eric: “Okay, let’s go shopping tomorrow.”

Me: “OK!” (insert huge smile)

The only problem is, I had all night to create the perfect chair in my mind –  A tall, wingback, nailhead, tufted, comfortable, well made chair in either pewter or a cool off-white tone. Oh, and under $400, preferably less. Not too much to ask for, right?

After looking at hundreds, maybe thousands, of chairs for the one I envisioned in my head, I was getting frustrated. I decided it was time to move on and I could either start designing and building furniture myself (hah!) or go in a different direction…..

white rattan indoor hanging swing{Image via IDEASGN Dream House}

So I’m considering a hanging chair! I know, much different from the chair I described above but remember my initial response of what I wanted? Something comfortable and with character. This fits the bill!

Usually seen in lofts, beach houses or kids rooms, I love the unique style and playful element they bring to any living space. These hanging chairs are also referred to as egg chairs, bubble chairs, or hammock chairs. 

And I love bringing the outdoors in- especially this time of year when it gets colder and we’ll be spending more time inside.

modern industrial indoor hanging chair {Farr Residence designed by Studio 80. Image via Home Adore.}

hanging chair for loft apartment{Image via Martin Architects}

indoor hammock chair{Image via Refinery29. Photograph by Maria Del Rio.}

bubble hanging chair in living room{Image via Houzz. Design by Lucy & Company.}

Since we are in a rental, we don’t have the option to hang it from the ceiling so we would have to go with a stand. This one is a modern, clean look at a moderate price.

Stands are also a great alternative if you are unsure if the ceiling can support a swing structurally. 

modern egg hanging chair{Image via Eurway.}

There are so many different styles – but I am still on the hunt to find one with a clean look and cozy feel to complement our existing decor. Unless my tall, wingback, nailhead, tufted, comfortable, well made chair in either pewter or a cool off-white tone under budget magically pops up first of course!

Here are a few of my favorite finds at different types of styles:

  1. Fringe Hammock Hanging Chair – $52 from Etsy (Style: Boho Chic, Eclectic)
  2. Hanging Rattan Chair – $495 from Serena & Lily (Style: Scandinavian, Modern, Coastal)
  3. Ring Loung Chair – $578 from Modway Furniture (Style: Modern, Contemporary)
  4. Island Bay Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair – $399 from Hayneedle (Style: Transitional,  Industrial)
  5. Hanging Black Rattan Chair with Floral Cushions – $400 from Lili Natural Designs (Style: Boho Chic, Contemporary)

Has anyone else been swayed?

Samantha Regan

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  1. 11.6.15

    Hanging chairs seem like a piece of functional art to me. They are both super cosy and stylish!

    • 11.6.15

      I love that description Lindsay! And couldn’t agree more 🙂

  2. 11.6.15

    Love, love, love this idea! Great post!

  3. 11.6.15

    I absolutely love these chairs, Samantha! So happy I came across your blog – it is great and I will be visiting often!

    • 11.6.15

      Thanks Christina! I feel the same about your blog! Looking forward to catching up on some of your older posts too 🙂