Moving made easier with renting boxes!

We have moved quite a bit over the last few years and I’ve picked up on a few things that help me prepare. There is no doubt, moving is stressful, but I secretly looove it.

Well, not everything about moving but quite a few things. A fresh space, new rooms, anticipating the memories we’ll make, figuring out where things will go, and the best part, what new things we will need. “Just add it to the wish list” as Eric keeps reminding me ;0

The hardest part about moving though for me is the packing. I could not have done these last two moves so smoothly without the help of renting moving boxes through Redi-box (currently in Chicago and Portland).

One important thing I’ve learned with all the moves we have done is to take advantage of ANY and ALL the extra help you can get. We were lucky to have family members help us watch the girls for an hour here and there so we could focus on packing. {THANK YOU FAMILY!!}

Having boxes that were delivered, durable and easily stacked helped a ton too. This saved us from having to buy cardboard boxes and tape. And from having to break all those down again.

We simply packed up the boxes, stacked them and had them ready to go for the movers. The movers also really appreciated the ease of this which cut our costs down even more since it saved them time! Which in the end, saves us money.

The movers even pointed out a couple things about the boxes that I wouldn’t necessarily have noticed. They are the pro’s though so it’s worth noting their feedback:

  • Boxes are the perfect width for fitting through doorways and stairways
  • Redi-boxes are durable which means the movers don’t have to worry about them breaking (this happens all the time with cardboard boxes!)
  • They can be stacked in the truck as high as possible so there is more space for everything else.

We used MK Movers btw (who were also great!). Our crew were all young guys that moved things fast and efficiently.

How it works:

  • Order boxes online and schedule a convenient time to have your Redi-Boxes dropped off at your house
  • You can even add on packing paper, wardrobe boxes, roller carts/”Redi-Wheels (we used this and it helped a TON moving boxes from room to room!)
  • Pack and label!
  • Move (and if you get stressed, remember the end goal: pick just one reason you love your new place and focus on that)
  • Unpack!
  • Schedule a date to have the Redi-Boxes picked up
  • Sit back and enjoy your new home!

Then throw yourself a little party after the unpacking is done! You’ll deserve it 🙂


It feels so good to be HOME and almost unpacked!

Thanks again Redi-box!

Also, if you don’t take my word for it, check their reviews out. We knew from our last experience that we wanted to use Redi-box again but I always like to check reviews on companies I recommend. It appears everyone else in Chicagoland has been pretty thrilled with Redi-box too!

They have 5 stars on Google with over 100 reviews. Same goes for their Yelp reviews. That is not an easy rating to get but well deserved!!

Thanks for reading and if you are moving soon, keep Redi-box in mind! Now, I’m off to continue the unpacking!

Samantha Regan

Thank you Redi-box! The moving box service was gifted but all opinions are my own, as always ????

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  1. 6.5.17
    David Long said:

    Great information Samantha. Definitely will look into redi-box when we move. I’ll check their website, but I guess they are nationwide ( I live in Dallas area). I also assume it’s not just for local moves?

    • 6.6.17

      Hi David! They are only in Chicago and Portland now but I think they are planning to keep expanding. I’ll update the post to include that 🙂 Hopefully they will be in Dallas soon! Thanks for reading and good luck with your next move!

  2. 6.6.17
    Ray'n said:

    Love this