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Summer is in full swing! We’ve been flying through our bucket list and enjoying being outdoors as much as possible. One thing that has amped up the ambience are these mini fireplaces from FLIKR.

We have been using them indoors too, as centerpieces, and even with the kids for s’mores. The design is slick and they are portable. They also make a great conversation piece since many people have not seen them before.

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions since posting peeks on social media. I thought I’d share the details and link to purchase here too:

How long do they burn for?

They are meant to burn for about 45 minutes. You can also easily extinguish them by just placing a magazine (or something similar) on top of it. The flame goes out in just a couple seconds.

What do you use to create the fire?

Rubbing alcohol. Use the 91%!!! I made the mistake of using the 70% and although it does burn, you can barely see it. I pour the alcohol in it until it’s about 3/4 filled.

Do the fireplaces give off heat?

The fireplaces do not give off much heat at all. They are more for ambience.

The base is made from concrete so it does get hot. There are adjustable feet so you can raise those if you are worried about the surface you are placing the fireplace on. I’ve used these in various places, including our kitchen counter and new dining table, and haven’t had any issues with the feet being lower.

Are they safe?

It’s real fire so of course you have to be careful. Whenever we use ours, we closely monitor the fireplace – especially when the kiddos are around. The fire is safe enough to cook over and burn indoors.

I first saw FLIKR Fireplaces at a booth at High Point Market, NC in the Spring. The owners are a young couple from Tennessee and very down to earth. I still need to write about that trip – so much good stuff. I think I’m still taking it all in!

They were kind enough to send me a few fireplaces and I’ve shared them with a few friends and family. They have been raving about them too!!

One of the nicest things is that you can enjoy the ambience of a real fire even if you don’t have a fireplace or fire pit. Eric and I love making fires year round but he is usually in charge of starting those. Now, even when he isn’t home or if we just want a quick fire, we can do that easily with the FLIKR fireplaces.

They are a perfect size for your coffee tables or on your kitchen counter while entertaining too!

Here’s a link to purchase and a special discount for Shining on Design readers!:

Buy One on FLIKRFireplace.com – Use code REGAN10

Samantha Regan

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