Park City House Tour – Part 2

Part 2 is up! I know a few of you had some questions about where to find some items in the first post, so I went back and tried to answer those. Any other questions? Send them my way!

Today, I’m sharing some more of my friends house in Park City. This entire tour was just of their main level living space and was filled with so much goodness that I had to break it up in two posts.

In the last post, I shared Lydia and Charlie’s dining room, living room and “jungalow” room. Now it’s time for the bar/lounge, outdoor terrace, another sitting room and dining area off kitchen.

The Entrance

The main entrance takes wainscoting to a whole new level. Literally, it goes all the way upstairs. I remember visiting when this was being installed! It’s stunning and adds so much character to the home. They installed wainscoting pretty much throughout the main level.

They also painted the banister white and added new carpet (I wish I had some of these before photos to share too, you guys would be quite impressed!).

Sitting room off Entrance

When I asked Lydia what her favorite part of the house was, she said she loves the closed floor plan and how every room is so different. As you walk through their house, you’ll find interesting things in each space. Yet, they’ve incorporated elements that tie everything together. This room has a three way fireplace shared with the kitchen area.

The Bar/Lounge

This is the coolest room in the house. And the hardest to photograph!  Even though the bar is on the main level, you feel like you are in an underground speakeasy. It’s a hot ticket to get a seat here on the weekends 🙂

Highlights of the bar/lounge room:

  • Matte black paint and built in bookshelves. Everyone seems to go white these days but I LOVE the black too!
  • Vintage Kilim rug. I have had my eye on a few for my own house and will be sharing my top 5 sources to find these next week!!

Notice their dining room to the left here…. it’s too die for (see more in the first house tour :0)

The Kitchen Area

I didn’t photograph their actual kitchen but I did capture the dining area off of it! And one of Kinzie hanging out. Thanks again to Lydia’s friend who let us borrow her Bumbo chair. Kinzie looooves to be held (at all times) but was very content in the Bumbo too.

I thought the branch on the table was driftwood but it’s something much cooler! It’s a grapewood vine from a vineyard. I will definitely be keeping this in mind since these add so much texture as a centerpiece or on bookshelves. Plus, I love wine so this is meant to be!

The do come in all different sizes and here is a link online where you can purchase similar ones too.

Outdoor Terrace


And that’s a wrap on the house tour! Thanks for visiting. I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite memories from our visit.

See you again in August!

Hi Lyd!

Kinzie’s first trip to the mountains! You can tell she loves it! Look at that smile!

If you’ve been here awhile, it is probably no surprise to you that I love Park City. I’ve had some great experiences and have blogged about a few of my favorite spots (and don’t miss part 1 of this house tour!). Links here:

Thanks for stopping by! We are packing up today for South Carolina for some sunshine, family time and the BEACH!

Samantha Regan

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