Pantry Organizing Favorites

Our pantry is organized (again!)

I try to do a good pantry clean out about every 2 months or so. Organizing doesn’t come easily for me but when I put the effort and time, it’s always worth it.

The pantry took a bit of trial and error but we FINALLY got it down to a system that works well for our family of 6. It’s soo nice to open the door and know that everything has a place. And that we are actually using everything stored in it. The wallpaper was a fun decor addition too. It was easy to install (took 10 minutes and one roll of removable wallpaper).

I’ll share links and some of my favorite ways we organize, including our must have items 🙂

(photo courtesy of my 4 year old!)

FIRST – the pantry clean out part (don’t mind the mess!)

I take almost everything out, check expiration dates and take note of things we are not using much of. My kids tend to change their mind about foods they like so this is a must for me to stay on top of.

We also try to snack out of the fridge first, then the pantry so I try not to ever let our pantry get over cluttered.

Warping shelves?

We have floating wood shelves and they tend to warp over time. Every so often, I will flip them over and try to weigh them down to level them out. I use anything heavy we have around the house – watermelons work really well too 😉

Airtight, BPA free + Dishwasher Safe Containers

These are my favorite containers for our pantry. Having clear containers is important to us so we can see everything in them.

It does take a little extra time to open boxes and put the contents inside the containers. To me, it’s worth every extra second to have everything organized plus they look so sleek!

I should also note we’ve had these containers for over 6 months now, they have been dropped more times than I can count, washed often in the dishwasher and are thrown in diaper bags when we are on the go. They have held up wonderfully.

White Wicker Bins – Categorized by Meal Type

I’ve had these white wicker bins for about 4 years now and they have also held up well. They do have some wear of course but we are not easy on things! They are still available and come in a few different sizes.

I’ve found that organizing our bins by meal type helps. We have a breakfast bin, pasta bin, salad, and a taco bin (my favorite). These are things we have often so organizing this way makes meal time easier. We also have a separate snack bin for us, and one for the kids.

I keep my “overstock” (as the home edit team would say) in the bottom 2 bins. This includes a lot of extra cans, some seasonings and also small appliances.

The Patissier bread box, Reusable Bags and the peel & stick wallpaper are a few of my favorite things.

The wallpaper is peel and stick. It was easy (for the most part) to install on the wall. It’s not a perfect installation by any means but the pattern is pretty forgiving. It was only $25 for the roll and it makes me smile every time I open the pantry door. I think this one is still on sale now too.

Reusable Bags

I’ve had these reusable (also dishwasher safe!) stasher bags for over 2 years. They were a find from the Home & Housewares show in Chicago! I’ve bought a few more since but even the original ones are still going strong. I use them in the bins, for school snacks, and on the go. They can also go in the freezer, are great for sandwiches and more. These are on top of my list for must have kitchen items.

I haven’t talked about this much (at all really) but I’ve been working with Google on a campaign! I never thought in a million years I would be working with a team at Google!!

I am creating web stories for them on home decor (below is one of them!) so you may be seeing these pop up at the end of all my blog posts for awhile. I’m still new to them and feel like I’m figuring things out as I go along. I’d love to hear any feedback from you since they are so new!

I’m in the process of uploading videos to the google web stories as well, but if you’d like a video tour of my pantry organization you can see it saved on my instagram highlights!

Samantha Regan

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