Our Pumpkin Filled Fall Fireplace

Happy Fall ~ I love celebrating fall traditions and while this season is looking quite different, we are making the best of it!

We’re skipping the hayrides and festivals but we did sneak in a very quick visit to a local pumpkin farm last weekend. We let the kids have ANY pumpkin that they could carry. I was amazed at their strength 😂 but they picked some pretty good ones.

I may have steered them in the heirloom pumpkin direction because those are my favorite!

The girls were excited to decorate with me and we mixed some faux pumpkins in with the real ones.

We added a few florals in here too – mostly faux but some real roses too. I think it turned out really cute and it was so simple to do! The pumpkins stacked pretty easily and we just filled in the rest with smaller ones and flowers.

Kinzie is already adding more “decorations” as I’m typing. I’m sure I will find some paw patrol toys hiding in there 🙂 Eric and I love making real fires too so everything may be shifted a little. I’ll enjoy it like this while I can!

I just love this felt garland with pumpkins on it! Linked below!

The pretty pink pumpkins are called Porcelain Princesses and I’m trying to convince Eric to grow that we should grow these. Aren’t they cute?

Here are links to some favorite pieces that are still available (the mini white pumpkins are great to use around the house!):

Also, if you are local in the western suburbs of Chicago, Sugar Grove Pumpkin Farm has a great selection! It was almost empty when we went so it was easy to keep distance and stay safe!

Samantha Regan

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