Our Halloween House Tour

Happy (almost) Halloween!

I usually don’t get into Halloween decor but we had some fun with it this year! The witches came to decorate earlier this month and did a nice job 😉 Does anyone remember that tradition we started last year? The girls couldn’t wait for them to come again! The witches not only decorated but brought witch brooms, hats and treats for the girls.

Taylor told me the other night she thinks the witches come to decorate because she knows I don’t decorate “this way” haha. I usually stick to neutral and light colors in our decor but this was fun. I am excited to bring out the holiday decor soon though. I said to Eric I wanted to keep things very simple this year. And then I ordered this very festive rug! I can’t wait to lay it down.

For now, here’s a glimpse into some of the things we did for Halloween around the house!

Mr Bones turned into Mrs. Bones this year.
And she has been working hard in her online school!

I loved using these black butterflies around the house….

We used them in the kitchen too. Ps. notice the candle? It’s back in stock!

We’ve had quite a few other photo shoots in our sunroom so I went very simple with the decor in here (like one spider and pumpkin!). But at night the whole room GLOWS with this stunning Haunted Mansion Halloween lantern that my mom surprised us with. We have one for Christmas too and they sell out quickly every year.

Press play on this video to see some spookiness!

We did have a wonderful 75 degree day this week so Eric and I even “snuck” away and had a date night in our backyard! It’s not quite a “Halloween” scene but I’m hoping to set it one last time this year and create a spooky dinner for the kids. This just came in the mail and makes for an instant Halloween table.

Last year we had a snow blizzard on Halloween so we’ll see! This year with the pandemic, we are trying to celebrate all of the little things we can.

We will be setting up a table with candy on it in our driveway this year for trick or treaters. Safely keeping our distance and waving hello from our front yard. I’ll be putting treats and clementines on the table for kids to pick from. I’m curious if anyone will pick the cuties!

And speaking of cutie, here’s one of two month old Danny! He is going to be a caterpillar for halloween and his 3 big sisters will be butterflies. Eric and I will be bug catchers ~ It’s the first time we are doing family theme costumes and I can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween!

Samantha Regan

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