Our Fall Backyard

It’s fall ya’all! Our backyard has become one of our favorite places to spend time lately and I wanted to make it pretty for the season. I’ve been super busy with the girls and work projects lately so decorating outside needed to be two things: (1) quick and (2) easy!

Adding color and fall elements were a must so I loaded up on mums at the flea market and pumpkins at the local farm. You can never go wrong with these two things!

I do like using burlap bags and mixing up different planters with texture for fall. Also, think about lighting! We use the string lights year round and also bring out different lanterns and candles for our backyard.

Source list:

Garden Stool

Adirondack chairs (similar here and 5 piece set here)

Banana Leaf Pillows (Similar)

White lanterns (only $7.99!)

Globe String lights – we have gone through a few other brands and have easily broken them. We have been very happy with these!


So, if you are looking to decorate your porch, yard or patio.. you don’t have to go crazy with decor or spend a lot of time planning to make it look festive and fun. Just remember, pumpkins and mums will get the job done 😉

Update: Sources for some of our backyard pieces listed below. I’ll try to be better about this so thank you to those that have asked!

Time for more s’more nights! Who wants to join us?

Taylor clearly loves our fall backyard too 😉

Samantha Regan

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