Our 2022 Holiday Home Tour

Cutting it close this year, but happy to share a peek at our home decorated for the holidays this year! This has been such a busy season, and I had planned on giving myself a break this year and keeping our decor very, very simple.

 Just when I thought I was done decorating the kids started asking for very specific decorations from years past. Oranges on the trees, ribbons on their kitchen stools, their colorful stockings AND they wanted the front of the house decked out too. I thought I was getting away easy this year 😅. Although I still kept things pretty lightly decorated, I did end up loving how our home turned out this year. It feels cozy, warm, and a little magical.

I also wanted to share a few new things that I tried this year and will want to remember for next year ~

Here’s a few things that I love about our decor this year (and notes for next season!):

  • For our front door wreath, I tied 2 wreaths together on both sides of 1 long ribbon and threw it over the door. It was the easiest way I’ve ever hung a wreath! And we get to enjoy a wreath in our entry too. For our front door, I added these globe ball lights and a floral ribbon bundle.
  • A red, white and green plaid blanket scarf was one of the best purchases from a couple years ago. I’ve been using it as a festive way to cover the back of the couch (now that the back faces the kitchen) and it looks like a blanket. Plus it helps protect our white sofa 🙂 I do also wear the scarf almost daily during Christmastime and have even used it on the dining table for a Christmas tablescape. I gave it to my sister-in-law as a gift and she has commented a few times on how much she loves it too! I haven’t been able to find the exact same on but here is a similar option scarf and a similar blanket. I may grab more to use them as gift wrap too!
  • Having a wintery scene as a screensaver for our TV has added a nice ambiance to our living room. Last year for the One Room Challenge, we had our TV framed so it looks like a piece of art. I’ve had these Snowy Trees on repeat cast it to our TV from YouTube. I love that this trick works with any smart TV. This, lots of twinkle lights & snowglobe lanterns around the house make it feel like a winter wonderland at night ~
  • We moved the furniture around and it feels so much cozier in our living room! I love switching up our furniture, which you probably know already about me. Our sofas are usually across from each other, but we turned one, so it sits similar to a sectional. We borrowed the rattan chairs (a Serena & Lily dupe) from the sunroom which are comfortable and lightweight, and have been moving them in front of the fireplace and TV. The layout won’t stay like this forever but we have really been enjoying it! Plus there’s more seating which has worked well for hosting this season. Like our Favorite Things Party.
  • I tried not to buy anything new this year and only use what we had already. It’s a fun challenge to reuse things in new ways, and easier for me this year! This season I really wanted to focus on holiday experiences vs. anything. One of our favorites was going to the Nutcracker and meeting the cast afterward. It was a performance in a nearby suburb that was geared towards kids called Clara’s Dream, so it was short and very sweet. One thing I did find on Facebook marketplace was a Nutcraker that the kids named “Nutty” (he’s guarding our door). It’s the perfect addition to our decor and will always make me think of taking the girls to their first Nutcracker 🙂
  • Another new item this year is our pre-lit 9′ flocked Christmas Tree. I can’t believe this is my first pre-lit tree. I’ll never not get a pre-lit now! 🤩 It’s such time saver and the kids love the different light features. Here’s a reel video of how easy it was to put together! And a link here.
  • For our 2nd tree in the living room, (again going with the simple theme!) I added large pampas grass feathers. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but our whole family ended up loving it! It adds a gorgeous texture, makes a big impact instantly and I can reuse the feathers in a vase after Christmas.
  • Our entryway console became a season-long sweets/snacks table. I covered it with my favorite oilcloth so protect the table when we were prepping for a Friendsgiving celebration. I loved having this extra space for serving things and we started using it more often. It’s a great spot to keep sweets for guests, or having after-school snacks ready to go.

Here’s a photo gallery of our home decorated ~ Thank you Ashlee for helping with the photos this year! and THANK YOU for being here. I am truly grateful for you taking the time to read my blog and for all the support this year!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!

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