Baby #3!

As we wrap up the year, I couldn’t wait another day to share some big news for our family with you…

We are expecting baby #3!!

We’re overjoyed to announce our family is expanding!!! We are also slightly terrified since Eric and I will officially be outnumbered.

I’m already almost half way along (yay!). So far, this pregnancy has been a walk in the park compared to the first two. I have been feeling so good this time around and SO thankful to God for that. I don’t know how I would manage otherwise since the girls (now ages 1 and 3) keep me so busy everyday.

Announcing a third pregnancy has been a LOT different than your first, and second. Even though this came as a surprise for us and are over the moon excited, it didn’t come as quite as much of a surprise to most. I guess that’s what happens what it’s your third 😉

I’ll answer a few common questions we have received from our friends and family…

Due Date: May 3, 2018

Gender: We’ll find out very soon!!! I couldn’t imagine not finding out this time. I want to be able to plan ahead with the nursery, clothes, and more. And yes, we’ll be sharing this news as well.

Names: We have had our boy named picked out since I found out I was pregnant the very first time (over 4 years ago now)! That was an easy one since we kept family names. We have a couple girl names picked out too but we’ll wait to share until he or she is born.

How are the girls reacting? Kinzie is too young to really realize this but I’m sure she will take on the role as a big sister wonderfully. It’s magical to watch Taylor’s excitement and talk about holding the baby. She has loved sharing the news with her friends and teachers too.

Taylor also loves to check the Sprout app on the phone to see what size the fruit the baby is each week. (Currently the size of a mango!). She also loves spinning the virtual baby around in circles on the app 🙂

For those that asked! Here’s the links dress and more:

Lastly, I just want to say how thankful we are for this blessing. We know how lucky we are to have two healthy and happy girls, and even more grateful to have another baby on the way.

As nervous as I am about juggling all three kiddos so young, I’m looking forward to all the fun and chaos that having three kids brings.

With that said, we’ll also be accepting any offers for free babysitting or extra coffee after May 2018 😉

Samantha Regan

PS. Thank you to Lauren Michelle Studios for the wonderful photographs! We will cherish these  forever. 

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  1. 12.11.17
    Josannah Terry said:

    Woo hoo! I am thrilled to have another niece or nephew on the way.. Many blessings to you, Eric, Taylor, and Kinzie on your journey to becoming a party of five, ❤️????❤️

    • 12.11.17

      Thanks Josie! I have a feeling 2018 is going to be a magical one with the kiddos 🙂

  2. 12.11.17

    Wow! Congratulations! You are going to be one busy mama!

    • 12.11.17

      Thanks Kelly!! I am trying to mentally prepare for it as much as I can 🙂

  3. 12.11.17
    Megan said:

    Congratulations! So excited for you. ❤️

  4. 12.11.17
    Lauren said:

    Aww… loved reading your story. Such an exciting time for your family. It will be a big year for sure! ????

  5. 12.13.17
    Susanne said:

    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you 🙂