ORC Week 2: New Floors!

We have wanted to replace our carpet throughout our upstairs level since we moved into our home almost six years ago – and we finally did! The floors now look fantastic, and I am seriously kicking myself for not doing this project much earlier.

There never seemed to be a “good time,” and other projects would take priority over this. I am in LOVE with how the floors turned out. If you have any projects on your wish list, take this as a sign to not put them off even for one more day if you can:) You won’t regret it!

I will admit, though, this process was not an easy task for us. It took a lot of planning, quite a few issues with backorders, scheduling, etc., and A LOT of work to get just about everything off the 2nd floor for the installation. Every piece of furniture was moved, every single drawer emptied and every shelf cleared. We slept downstairs for a couple of nights during the process, which the kids loved (see our living room set up below!).

All in all, even with all the headaches and work – it was 100% worth doing.

Here’s a quick gallery (below) of the progress pics and a few shots of how they turned out. And in case you missed it, last week’s post showed my One Room Challenge (ORC) design plan, which you’ll see is focused on the upstairs landing. The flooring part took this project to the next level, but all future ORC posts for the next 6 weeks will be focused solely on the landing space. Paint updates are coming next week!

I lost count of how many samples I ordered! Here are the six that we narrowed them down to. Our first choice went out of stock, after ordering them. But, I think it was meant to be in the end. I love how our 2nd choice turned out so much.

BEFORE photo of the upstairs landing, with Danny testing out floor samples. He’s always helping 😉

The kids loved camping out in the living room for a couple nights ~
Goodbye old carpet! 👋 
Hello pretty new floors ~

Ps. You can see a peek at our new mirror too from the design board! I love seeing it all come together.

Coming soon is an update to the staircase leading up to the landing..

Here are the two samples for the stair runner that I narrowed it down to. I love both but leaning toward the lighter option to keep the pattern less busy.
Which do you like?

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