ORC Updates for Weeks 6 & 7

I hinted that plans were shifting a bit after I started the One Room Challenge this year, and our plans to move put this project on fast-forward! I am still catching up on messages from sharing the news and feel incredibly grateful to have overwhelming support 💕 

Things have been quite busy! We are so excited about the move, and even though this space turned out differently than planned, I am very thankful we put the plan in motion when we did. I think the updates made a huge difference. Thank you all for following along! I hope next week’s final reveal doesn’t disappoint!​ I didn’t get to do all the DIYs, and fun ideas, that I was hoping to do, but I still love how it turned out.

Eric and I looked at each other after the floors were updated and new lighting was installed, and said that it almost made us not want to move! The upstairs hallway final reveal will be next week but here is a quick peek at some of the updates and details today ~

This little niche in the hallway is one of the first things you see when you go upstairs, and it is something I never loved or knew what to do with. It became a catch-all mess, so the original plan was to cover it up and have secret storage behind it. Eric loved this idea! It would be like a giant medicine cabinet. Our carpenter was also excited about this idea and planned to install hinges on the mirror. This is one idea I really wish we could have implemented, but with the decision to move, we skipped it and found another place in our bedroom for the mirror.

PS. This mirror is just like the one on the original design board from Ballard. I almost ordered it but got very lucky and found one for much less at Homegoods! I have been spotting a few high-end pieces lately at Homegoods (including Ro Sham Beaux Lighting). Not dupes, but from the real manufacturers. However, they do carry a lot of dupes too! Keep an eye out on your next visit 😉

Another change in the plan was that we didn’t swap out the door hardware like I wanted. So, instead, to add a little flair to the linen closet door, I added a tassel. I love these simple details. The one I have is sold out but here is a similar option (and currently on sale!): Cream Tassel.

As for the furniture, the original plan was with a console and ottomans. The ottomans arrived slightly damaged, and we opted for a simpler look that I will share next week. Functionally, I loved this layout but happy with the end result, which you’ll see for the final reveal!

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