One Room Challenge Final Reveal!

It’s the final reveal for the One Room Challenge!

I am feeling both excited, and sad that the challenge is over! It has been so fun to tackle projects over the past few weeks for our living room. Each week felt a little bit like opening a Christmas present, that you’ve really wanted, and then getting to share it with friends. Thank you all for following along over the past 7 weeks!

My goal was to add lots of textures, beautiful patterns and plenty of lighting for ambience. I love how everything came together and it and feels so good to have the room done! It is also nice to document it the way it looks today. With 4 little kids running {around} the house, things may never look this good again lol. Even as I was taking pictures earlier I noticed a few pillows went missing which you may notice 🙂

Here is what the room looked like empty when we moved in 4 years ago…

We had made some changes over the past 4 years, like adding the white sofas, and painting. The slipcovered sofas are a favorite since they can be washed when necessary. Those are going on 3 years now but pretty much everything else in the room has been updated!

And here is the AFTER:

If I had to choose, the lighting and the beams are probably my favorite additions! I really wanted to do something with the ceiling so we had electrical wiring installed and added the Crystorama Baxter chandelier. Between the lighting and the ceiling beams, it changes the feel of the room.

The framed wallpaper panels with plug in sconces (which can be taken off the wall like artwork) are another favorite addition. I shared a video on the panels on Tik Tok and it took off which was exciting to see! I rarely use that app but it has been fun to get creative with mini video clips lately.

Another idea that I was really excited about was framing the TV with a custom made frame. I was nervous Eric wouldn’t go for this idea but he LOVES it- so that’s a win.

It looks like artwork when we have it set to a picture or art piece. More details on this coming soon!

This wall is accented with Milton and King’s Tribe Wallpaper, which has a beautiful pattern but so hard to photograph! It looks gorgeous in person and flows nicely with our wall color which is Silver Cloud by Benjamin Moore.

One thing that I didn’t plan on, but just fell into place was this black and white gallery wall. Now that the TV looked so good, and the wallpaper, the staircase was just begging for a facelift 🙂

Here’s another before & after view of the mantel ~

And a few more of the details ~

These last few weeks flew by and I promise I will write more detailed blog posts on a few of the projects (like the DIY curtain trim border, wood work projects, sources and more). These posts go directly to my blog subscribers and I try to share behind the scenes & links on social media too.

And here is one last look at the original design board from Week 1 ~ so fun to look back and now see everything come to life!

The only thing that is still on my wish list are reupholstering the 2 chairs that have been sitting in our storage for over a year. I honestly can’t believe we were able to accomplish everything else in just over 6 weeks! I could NOT have done it without the help of The One Man Woodshop in Geneva, IL. Thank you to him and to YOU for following along!!

Thank you to the One Room Challenge for hosting this inspiring event and to Better Homes and Gardens, the official media partner for the ORC!

Be sure to check out more designers ORC projects here: One Room Challenge Spring 2021 ~ And here are direct links to my ORC updates from the past 7 weeks:

I can’t wait for the next challenge! Already dreaming up which space to tackle..

Samantha Regan

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  1. 6.26.21
    Maribeth said:


  2. 6.26.21
    Maribeth said:

    I love it all!

  3. 6.26.21
    Michelle Sikorski said:

    Wow!! Beautiful transformation!

  4. 6.26.21
    Gerri said:

    Wow! What a transformation! It’s gorgeous! So light and bright!

  5. 6.27.21

    It looks so beautiful! That chandelier is a showstopper for sure!

  6. 6.27.21

    Beautiful, so soft, pretty, and relaxing:)

  7. 6.27.21

    Your room turned out so beautifully! The details are all so wonderful.

  8. 6.27.21

    So light and spacious! Also love those beams in the Living Room!!

    • 7.8.21
      Lorely said:

      Hi, this is just absolutely gorgeous! Great job! Would you please share the height of your ceilings in the living room? I’m curious to see if I can also pull of a chandelier lamp but I’m not too sure the height of my ceilings will let that work!

  9. 6.28.21
    Leslie+Carothers said:

    It came out so beautifully, Samantha. I love what you did with the fireplace mantel and the beautiful trim on the window treatments. Congratulations for getting it done!

  10. 6.30.21

    This is just stunning. What a transformation! I can see why the beams and the chandelier are your favourite. From the framing of the TV to the wallpaper panels – it is all just lovely!

  11. 7.12.21
    Debbie Sheegog said:

    This is wonderful and I’m truly uplifted now by hope for the upcoming future here in our own house!
    I love and have similar plans around use of paint using white semigloss trim and eggshell dove white walls, and extend the hardwood floors into our main room, do a new ceiling light fixture/or maybe ceiling fan , repurposing best pieces of furniture that carry and unify the entire feel in the room. I’ve been wanting to paint the old brick fireplace white & replace the existing mirror over mantle for years and interestingly also have planned to hang a black & white wall using old family photographs & diplomas, and art, on our stairwell walls. Love the solution for mounting the TV. Great job! All of these features are time-tested with me, after working on our last three homes. It seems that with every beloved home I have learned a lot about my own style choices and how they work according to basic interior design “rules”, which is why your house jumped off the page here. I’ll be following you and thanks so much for doing it here. Best regards

  12. 2.25.22
    Marilyn said:


  13. 7.18.22
    Denise said:

    Beautiful, calming, sharp yet soft, and simple.

  14. 10.21.22
    Dana McDade said:

    Beautiful! That is the perfect shade of blue paint. Do you mind sharing what paint color/manufacturer it is?