Mixing Gray and Beige in the Kitchen

Gray seems to be taking over beige everywhere in home decor and design these days. If you are like a lot of people, you have beige toned pieces that you still want to (or HAVE to) incorporate into your home.

Kitchen renovations can get expensive so most of us can get stuck with finishes we don’t necessarily LOVE. But, there are ways to mix in shades that can help create a look that you want to achieve.

gray and beige in the kitchen {Image via Atmosphere Interior Design, Inc.}

I recently started a “Design Advice” column where YOU can ask me anything. I love helping my readers so please send questions my way and I’ll be answering them through a blog post!

The first question I received after announcing the “Design Advice” column, was from Michelle who asked “Can you mix beige and gray in the kitchen?” These are both neutrals, however, it can be tricky to mix them. I’ll share a couple tips and inspirational images to do it right.

There are a couple things to consider and one of the most important are the undertones. Just remember, mix cool tones with cool tones and warm with warm. And one of the easiest ways to give a kitchen a new look is through a fresh coat of paint. But which color will work best for mixing gray and beige together? One word…GREIGE.

In case you aren’t familiar, greige is a term for the color of essentially mixing beige and gray. Incorporating greige in your space will help tie your beige and gray pieces together.

I’m putting together my favorite list of greige paint colors so be sure to subscribe to Shining on Design to get notified!!

mixing gray and beige in the kitchen{Image via Selphie.com}

Michelle has a warm beige backsplash in her kitchen but she wants the kitchen walls to be painted gray. My advice to her was to choose a greige or a warm gray.

Painting walls have a big impact but it can make a HUGE difference if you have the luxury of painting the cabinets as well. Or just the kitchen island can make a big impact too (shown above).


gray and beige tones in kitchen{Image via Plebio}

Another way to mix beige and gray tones are with accent pieces.

When it comes to the kitchen, a perfect accent update is through the backsplash. Think metallics, woods and textures to marry these neutrals in a space. In the photo above, the metallics in the backsplash also mix in beige tones to tie together the gray counters and maple cabinets.

And this gray and white marble backsplash with creme cabinets – beautiful! I share one of my all time favorite kitchen backsplashes in this post: Project Reveal: New Construction Project in Elmhurst. 

It is PERFECT for a kitchen where you are mixing grey and beige!

gray and beige kitchen{Image via Velvet & Linen}

I recently completed a project where we kept some of the existing beige tile in the bathrooms.

To give the condo a cohesive look, I incorporated beige (and light greige) tones in the kitchen with the countertops and accent tile. We painted the island gray to match the wall color and went with solid white cabinets.

samantha regan interior design_kitchen

samantha regan interior design kitchen 2

The countertop has both gray and beige tones throughout. (I was thrilled to find this perfect slab by the way and had almost had to fight for it!).

The backsplash tile is a greige tone and I used nickel hardware to tie it all together. See more on this kitchen renovation: Lincoln Park Condo Project

Do you have a design question that you would like help with? Ask me and I’ll be sharing another answer next month! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!

Samantha Regan


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  1. 10.18.18
    Aimee said:

    Where can I find that greige accent tile? It is beautiful!

  2. 12.24.18
    Savanna said:

    Hello! Hoping you might be able to provide help to some first-time home owners. Our whole house is beige-ish- It’s a custom Sherwin Williams paint but I tried to match it as close as I could (Champagne SW 6644) When we bought the house, we knew that something needed to be done with the kitchen, specifically the cabinets. We came to find that they had this white plastic material that kept peeling off. Because the first floor is very open, we can’t really change the color of the kitchen. So we want to bring some color to our cabinets and cabinet frames. Do you have any recommendations? I initially wanted grey but I’m worried it won’t match with the current color of the walls. My other option is a darker blue-grey color. Again, our whole house is beige so I don’t want to pick something that will look off. I’d like to do something with our bathrooms and master bedroom, but that’s down the line!

    • 1.6.19

      Hi Savanna, thank you for asking! I’ll send you an email now,

  3. 1.14.19
    Anne said:

    I am remodeling my kitchen with white cabinets and new floor which butts up next to hardwood in the living and dining rooms, which has brown reddish brown overtones. I want to incorporate greys or greige. I am replacing all the ceramic floor tile. I would like to put in the porcelain type “hardwood” in possibly a grey or charcoal grey. What would you suggest? The wall colors in the hallways and other rooms are in the beige family. What wall color would you suggest for the kitchen? Thank you!

  4. 12.18.19
    Colleen Johnson said:

    Love the Lincoln Park condo! I’m wondering where you found the greige subway tiles? Currently renovating my kitchen and it is mostly white (cabinets) with quartz counters that have some grey veining. I think the greige tiles would tie everything in so perfectly!

    • 12.18.19

      It’s from the tile shop ~ I’ve used it a few times now and it is always gorgeous!

  5. 2.9.20
    Maxine Rooney said:

    Hi, I am currently in the process of choosing a new kitchen. My floor tiles are beige/cream ceramic. My couch is a navy and grey so want to incorporate grey into my kitchen cabinets with a white stone counter top. I’m researching greige as I think it’s a lovely mix between grey and cream so will blend nicely. Can you recommend a certain colour greige to me please ? My kitchen is quite big but there isn’t much natural light in it.

    • 2.11.20

      Hi Maxine! I’m writing up a blog post (long overdue!) with favorite greige colors now. Keep an eye out for it and be sure to hit subscribe to get the email!

      • 5.16.20
        Jho said:

        Hi Samantha, I found your blog when I googled ” grey walls beige tile blue accents”. The blue is more of a periwinkle, in an accent tile trimming the shower. The walls are currently builder beige and I can’t stand it lol. So (thanks to your awesome blog!), I know I can use a greige… but which greige would go well w this weird blue periwinkle accent tile? Thank you!

        • 5.19.20

          Thank you! We have existing beige tile in our bathroom and used Balboa Mist on the walls. Without seeing the periwinkle color in person, it’s hard to tell if this color would work there too. I would sample it and also look into white options!

  6. 5.24.20
    Brittany said:

    Hi, where do I find a list of your favorite greige colors? I’m currently looking at paint colors for my kitchen.

    • 6.5.20

      Hi Brittany, I still have not published it but THANK YOU for the reminder!! I will have it up soon and will share the link!

  7. 6.15.20
    Alisa B said:

    In my kitchen, I have honey oak cabinets and the basic beige/cream ceramic tile that I am not changing. I used SW accessible beige for paint that actually is throughout the entire house. I love, love, love it. It is such a nice transition from our brown/tan walls. Our kitchen opens to a family room that I am looking to put in LVP in a rustic brown color with hints of gray and black (wood knots). I need help with the granite kitchen countertop color I thought I wanted something with more white look with gray to brighten things, but It clashes with the beige/cream flooring. All of our trim is white and somehow that works. The grout is off white but more white than yellow. The appliances are mainly black except for the stainless/black refrigerator. I am staying with stainless steel sink.

  8. 7.21.20

    Help! Please Samantha, I am moving to a smaller home with an open plan kitchen/sitting room.
    My sofa and armchair are grey leather and the fitted kitchen is cream – not wood, so it cannot be painted. It is a shiny surface cream. The floors have a warm tone of wood look. I am afraid my sofa might look like a big “sore thumb” . I need to know how to “pull” the two colours together, please.
    A great Blog thanks.

  9. 7.28.20
    Adrienne Herman said:

    Does my flooring need to match my countertops because my cabinets in the kitchen is beige but I want to accent them without changing them. I am thinking of changing the countertops and the floor only.

  10. 10.25.20
    Debby DiMiceli said:

    Hi. We are redoing our condo. Replacing cabinets backsplash and counters. We are keeping the floor which is beige with hints of graY. Cabinets will be a deep gray. We found a backsplash Bliss element natural/ mosaic glass. Counters we are having trouble with. We are keeping our white appliances. We originally picked golden river which is slit of beige tones and hints of gray. What fouls you recommend.

  11. 6.3.21
    Terese Van Liew said:

    I just got new calcutta marble look laminate countertops and I chose white penny tile for the backsplash. I went with linen colored grout to bring out that color in the countertops but I’m not sure I made the right choice now. I almost went with gray grout, but it seemed too boring. Now I’m wondering How do I incorporate the linen colored grout into my kitchen decor so it doesn’t look so out of place? Help please. I like the way it looks but a friend saw it today and she asked why I didn’t just go with gray. I can’t change it now. : ( What advice do you have for me? Thank you.

    • 10.27.21
      joanne said:

      I have cteam cupboards and my new counter looKS gray next to them.I can’t change either so I don’t know what I can do.

  12. 10.30.22
    Donna said:

    We just purchased a house with gray kitchen cabinets.I’m not a gray lover.I love accessible biege.can I use the biege paint or would it be better to agreeable gray. Backsplash is metallic grey.