Lavender + Lemon Cranberry Sauce

This lavender and lemon cranberry sauce was a big hit on Thanksgiving this year! Even the toughest critics in my family were quite impressed with my culinary creation.

I’ll be making it again for Christmas and I although I winged the recipe, Im sharing the steps and ingredients below. I highly recommend giving it a try!


My brother grilled the Thanksgiving turkey and this cranberry sauce was the perfect dressing for it. The sweetness of the sauce paired with the smoky turkey was delicious. Really delicious ūüôā

I’m pretty proud of myself for not only cooking something that everyone loved. I kind of winged it (like most of my cooking) and prayed it would turn out. That it did, but unfortunately I can’t give exact measurement. Here are the ingredients though! And a couple important steps to note.



You will need a tea ball  (this is the one I use) or other infusion device to steep the lavender in the water first. I probably had it going for about 15-20 mins until the water turned pretty purple. Then, follow the basic instructions to make cranberry sauce using your lavender water.

First, add the cranberries, then the sugar and the lemon zest. I used the lemon zest from 1 lemon and about a bag and half of cranberries. I only used a little bit of sugar this time too.

Cook till the cranberries burst and then let it cool before serving.


I found culinary lavender at a local spice house but you can purchase online as well. I’ve been slightly obsessed with it¬†lately and using it in my coffee almost daily. ¬†It has a soothing taste and makes for a beautiful garnish for recipes. I hope you give it¬†a try!

And, if you like this recipe, be sure to check out “Our Cheesy Christmas Tradition” for a secret family recipe!

Happy cooking!

And happy holidays!

Samantha Regan

PS.  The plant pictured is actually called Calluna Heather .. (shh, not lavender!) But rest assured, I really used REAL lavender for this recipe!!!

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