Installing Our Kitchen & Bath Hardware

We’re all moved in! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, but we are settling into our new home quickly 🤍

I’m so excited to get to some of the design projects, decorate, and share along the way, to hopefully inspire and help with your next home project. Finding the right hardware for your cabinetry can be tricky, so I wanted to share a source that I’ve been really happy with! And a peek at our kitchen and master bath ~

Because of the type of cabinets we chose for our kitchen and master bathroom, installing hardware right away was a must so they could be functional. The builder’s options were pretty limited, and I knew I wanted something stylish and elegant that I would love for a long time.

Surprisingly, I struggled with this decision! Not only because there are so many options to choose from, but it was one that I wanted to get right before drilling into our new cabinets. I also wanted to really love the hardware we chose, and not feel like we wanted to change it out later. And if you have been following along here for a while, you know how I like to switch things up 🙂

Hardware, often called the “jewelry of the home,” can really elevate the look of the entire space. I went back and forth on the exact layout of how I where each pull and knob, and I love how it turned out in the end for both spaces.

Tip: If you happen to be in the same boat, I found sketching out the cabinets really helped. When I finalized my plan, I had everything clearly laid out and labeled in the sketch for each drawer and cabinet. Our installer also really appreciated this.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may remember that I had initially picked out hardware from a place in Chicago. After doing quite a bit more research, I kept coming back to a company called Top Knobs. Many designers who specialize in kitchen design recommended this brand, and I am so happy with the quality of their hardware and the variety of available options.

I selected a mix of three pieces for both my kitchen and primary bath, after much thought. You can mix and match different hardware styles, but I recommend always ordering from the same company and always in the same finish. I love the classic style of the polished nickel finish, and this trio turned out so beautifully together.

Here are the links and details for the three options we selected:

If you are installing hardware yourself, this template is extremely helpful. We hired someone for ours but this template helps so much if you are going to DIY.

I plan to do something more trendy for the other bathrooms, so stay tuned for those selections too! Here are some more photos of both spaces so far ~

And our master bath ~

This is a big topic of debate, but adding hardware to the cabinet space under a sink is always a must for me. I’ve been asked about this often from clients, and there is really no right or wrong answer here! It ultimately comes down to personal preference. I think it completes the look and, to me, looks unfinished when not added.

I also love how the Dakota Cup pulls add some weight to the center cabinets. This style works well for the spaces you want to emphasize or to create a focal point. I also used these in the center of our kitchen cabinets under the range, which, if I had to choose, is my favorite part of the kitchen.

We just had our framed TV installed, our front door painted, and are chipping away at a few more decorating projects coming soon! I’ve been posting voting polls on my Instagram stories lately to help with these decisions, which has been so fun for me and my readers. If you want to head over there for the next one, you can find me @shiningondesign. Things are finally settling down a bit so hopefully, more blog updates will be coming very soon here too 🙂

Samantha Regan

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    Debra said:

    Beautiful, Sam! So happy for you guys!