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In case you missed the post on Valentine’s day, be sure to check it out! I’m giving away 2 pairs of headphones, which goes with today’s post… some of my favorite podcasts!

While running around town or hopping to and from appointments, I love listening to podcasts. It makes sitting in traffic almost bearable! These are a few top podcasts on my playlist.. and a couple extra I’ve been meaning to check out…

1. The Lively Show – An inspirational podcast for female entrepreneurs by Jess Lively. Her interviews and life with intention program are uplifting, thought provoking and interesting. This is my go-to podcast for longer drives.

2. The Accidental Creative – this is another one that I’m subscribed to. Part of Todd Henry’s motto is “help unleash your best work”. He offers insight and lessons for creative thinking. Most episodes are only about 20 minutes and I’ve learned something new from each one.

3. The Chaise Lounge – Nick May talks and interviews professionals about the business side of interior design. I’ve picked up a few tips and discovered some great resources through his podcast. Some of the episodes a bit longer but if you are an interior design looking to build your business, I highly recommend this podcast.

4. Design Matters – Debbie Millan from Debbie interviews successful artists, designers, writers and more. and asks THE questions everyone wants to know the answers to. Ie: How do you get to be where you are?

5. She Did it Her Way – Amanda Boleyn interviews inspirational women that have taken the path less traveled. Most interviews are with women who took a chance and started their own business. I love that a lot of her guests are also from Chicago.

6. Young House Love – You may be familiar with John and Sherry already. Their DIY/home renovation blog was huge, they have written books and now you can listen to them every Monday with a new podcast. Some of their guests have included my a couple of my favorites (Em Henderson and Grace Bonney).

On my “To-do-LIST”en to Playlist

These are 2 podcasts that I’ve heard great things about but haven’t had a chance yet to take a listen:

  • Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast by Gary and Kathy Leland. I just heard about this and can’t wait to hear what these superfans have to talk about. Has anyone listened yet? Downloading now.
  • Coffee and Crumbs – Another one that I’ve been meaning to check out! This one is geared towards empowering mothers through stories and experiences. If there podcast is half as enlightening and interesting as their blog, then it’s good! It’s an entire team of women so you get a different perspective on some tough issues and good ones too.

Any that I missed? Please share! I’d love to hear.

My mom and I are heading to Kohler in a couple hours and I can’t wait for some bath inspiration and spa relaxation. I’ll be sharing updates on Instagram stories so follow along! I can’t wait to see our accommodations… I’ve heard it’s pretty incredible….

Happy (almost) weekend!

Samantha Regan

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