Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Well, almost Valentine’s Day!)

How are you celebrating Valentine’s day (or weekend) this year? Galentines? Romantic dinner? Or maybe a Netflix binge is calling your name. All sound wonderful actually.

ily couture preggers tshirt
We are having family over tomorrow for a small gender reveal brunch – can’t wait!! This is a surprise for Eric and me too and we are counting down the minutes until we find out. So excited!!

I’ll be sharing a few sneak peaks on Snapchat (username: samregan56) and some more tomorrow. On Sunday we will be cooking up a nice, probably not so quiet, dinner at home to celebrate Valentine’s day.

In the meantime, here are a few things that I loved this week:

  • “So, I Married a Blogger” – a group of bloggers got to together and had their HUSBANDS post today about what it’s like to be married to a blogger. I found this SO relatable and cute. Check out Claire Brody’s blog for her husband’s takeover, plus links to more!

I got Eric to take this photo quick rushing out the door (already running late!). A little blurry but we are working on that 😉

ily preggers tee

And by the way, I would LIVE in this Preggers t-shirt for the next few months if I could. It is SO comfortable. In case you’re wondering, it’s from Ily Couture and they have a bunch of different graphic tees (Wifey, Weekend, Shoe Addict and more!).

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend!


Samantha Regan

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