Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloths

I’m sharing some of my new favorite cleaning products today, plus a giveaway just for you! As a busy mom with 2 little ones and working from home, I will take all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning.  These e-cloths arrived and they did not disappoint!

E-cloth sent me a couple cloths to try out. After doing a little research online before the cloths arrived in the mail, I discovered they had AMAZING reviews on Amazon (almost 5 stars and 1,000 reviews). That’s really hard to get and I was really excited to try them out myself.

Since having kids, using eco friendly products has become very important to me. The e-cloths do not include any toxic chemicals and you just need to add water to use them. Another awesome perk? You can wash these 300 times.

Chemical-free, machine washable, and easy to use – YES, YES and YES!


At first, when the e-cloths arrived, I will admit I was a little intimated by the packaging. There seemed to be a lot of instructions, including multiple steps. I had just gotten home from the hospital after giving birth when my e-cloths arrived in the mail. I was exhausted but still eager to try out my new cleaning supplies.


My mom, aunt and cousin were over visiting and we decided to give these a whirl while hanging out in Taylor’s playroom. She had colored all over her new table with crayons. Which I should note we don’t encourage! But it happens, thankfully not on the walls (lately)…

I previously tried to clean up the crayon with paper towels, sponges, etc to get it off. Nothing worked after I had scrubbed and scrubbed. To my shock (and delight!!) the e-cloth took the crayon off easily!!!




So easy, Taylor even chipped in to help 🙂




The e-cloths also worked fabulous in the kitchen and windows. My windows sparkled after using their window cleaning cloths. I can’t recommend this product enough and because e-cloth is so wonderful, I’m giving a set away!


And they just don’t make kitchen and window cloths. E-cloth has a full line of products that I’m sure are equally as impressive. From baby care to auto care, there are a ton of options that I can’t wait to try out. A few examples (on my wish list) include:

  • Baby care – Nursery & Toy Cloth
  • Body care – Exfoliating Body Mitt
  • Auto care – Car Cleaning Cloth
  • Mops – Flexi-Floor & Wall Duster

To Enter:

To enter the to win a set of e-cloth Kitchen and Window cleaning cloths, follow these 2 easy steps:

  1. Leave a comment below with your email address
  2. Subscribe to Shining on Design (if you aren’t already!)

Winner will be selected next week.  You can also sign up for e-cloth’s newsletter here to receive promotions and updates.

Good luck!

Samantha Regan


9 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloths

  1. Joan

    Always looking for something to help with cleaning. Need something eAsy to use and get the job done the first time.

  2. Samantha Regan Post author

    I put everyone’s name in a bowl and had Taylor pick the winner…… and CONGRATS to Maribeth! I’ll send you a private message 🙂 Hope you enjoy the e-cloths and thank you to everyone for entering!


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