Garage Makeover!

Our garage is technically a 2 car garage but it is tight!  We wanted to maximize every inch of space so this Fall, we tackled a project with Gladiator that completely transformed our garage!

We now have an amazing wall system for storing and easily accessing items. And it goes from the FLOOR to the CEILING.

The best part though?

The wall system is easy to recreate in ANY garage and is fully customizable. 

Each piece on the wall system can easily be moved to a new location.

Our wall will look different as the seasons change and as our family grows.

Here’s a BEFORE pic:

And AFTER with all the components (listed below what we used but you can customize to your needs)!

With all the various components, this storage wall is super versatile to fit anyone’s needs.

We are able to maximize the storage by using different attachments that go up to the ceiling. After putting everything together today, I realized we have a lot of extra space too so we can add even more storage bin holders and shelves. The bins are currently empty but I promise they will be FILLED shortly!!

Taking the GearWall panels from the floor to the ceiling maximizes the entire wall. 

Right now, we have it set for Fall. (Stocking up on firewood was a must!).

We have a kid side and a side for Eric and me. 

The shelves are filled with firewood and pots but in the summer they may hold beach bags, gardening supplies, etc.

The kids are still riding their scooters almost daily so we have those on the floor. Their helmets are easily accessible, as well as a few backyard play items.

And as our family grows and needs change, we can adjust everything effortlessly.

Here’s a list of some the components we’ve added:

8′ Gear Wall Panels

30″ and 48″ Shelves

Gear Track Golf Caddy

Accessory Starter Kit Deluxe

Storage Bin Holder

2 Drawer Utility Cart

Good news for YOU, the GearTrack packs are 20% off right now (use code PACKS20). You don’t need the entire wall system to use these! They come with individual panels so you can attach them to your walls.

Our utility cart (currently storing our tools)

It feels so good to have this wall organized! If you follow me on instagram, check out the time lapse and more in the stories highlights @shiningondesign!

Thank you Gladiator for reaching out about partnering! This is one of my favorite house projects to date!

Samantha Regan

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