Gallery Frame: Design Collaboration with Framed & Matted

One of my favorite things about my Grandma’s house was how she displayed meaningful photographs throughout every area of her home. She had a family tree in the hallway, individual framed pics of all her grandchildren above her media center, gallery walls everywhere, travel pics, etc.

I loved that every time I would visit I could look around and see so many wonderful adventures, moments and people.

Gallery walls aren’t going anywhere but I would say more and more people (including myself) are leaning towards a cleaner, more streamlined way to display art and meaningful photographs.

I’m so excited to finally share my latest collaboration with Framed & Matted which is a perfect solution to this!

We went back and forth on the exact design dimensions and finally came up with this weighted bottom mat and silver frame. Framed and Matted is known for their weighted bottom frames and I love this look. It gives a traditional frame a more modern feel.
Here’s a few other options we were considering:

You can customize your frame, mat dimensions & color easily. There are many options for different frames (black, gold, silver, etc) and mat choices come in just about every color in the rainbow and more!

The original plan for this frame was to use black but the champagne silver frame goes better with our current decor. We ended up going with a 4×4 opening for each square. This is great because its easy (and inexpensive) to print 4×6 photos and crop them.

I had many older family photos that were already printed in the 4×6 size so this size worked out perfectly for those too. The overall height is 42″ and the width is 24″.

I’ve posted a peek on instagram and story highlights so I know many of you have been waiting for these details!!

Here’s how we styled a trio in our hallway too.

This hallway is a very high traffic area in our home which is a great place for a gallery wall. I also love seeing Framed & Matted’s weighted bottom frames going up a stairway. Their instagram is filled with inspiration pictures so be sure to check them out there (@framedandmatted).

Side note, but have you all heard of Quakehold!? This has been a favorite tip from one of my interior designer friends to hold frames in place. You stick a little of the putty to the back of each frame which prevents them from shifting.

I’ve been a big fan of Framed & Matted and thrilled to partner with them again on this project. This is the 3rd collaboration we’ve done together and possibly my favorite!

The Ombre wall is a close second and a Pinterest favorite 🙂 There’s more helpful picture hanging tips in that post too.

I also loved this dark blue and gold frame of Charleston.

You can email Framed & Matted directly at help@framedandmatted or via their website with a link to this post to request a custom order. I’d love to see how you style yours if you order so send over a pic!

Samantha Regan

Pinnable image to share!:

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  1. 8.1.20

    These are SO pretty! And what an adorable picture of your little princess in the hallway!

  2. 8.1.20


  3. 8.2.20
    Lisa Peck said:

    These are so pretty! The idea of having many photos in one frame is so appealing. Especially since my youngest has taken to counting the images of her in the house compared to her sibling!

  4. 8.6.20

    These are really cute and I love how you grouped them.