ORC Week 4: Framed Wallpaper Panels with Lighting

I can’t believe we are already in week 4 of the One Room Challenge!

We are not even half way done with the projects I have planned and there’s only a couple more weeks to go! The framed panels were just installed yesterday though so I do feel like we are getting closer.

Our friend and neighbor has a growing woodworking business and I am sooo lucky that he has been able to help me with these projects. He is making all my ideas come to life ~ which is always the best part about the design process.

Here are the details on the framed wallpaper panels with lighting:


I fell in love with this wallpaper and wanted to create a piece of art with it. Adding wood to the back and trim for the frame makes it a custom removable piece that is flush with the wall. Years ago I did this for a client and it turned out beautifully. (You can see details on that project here: Elmhurst Living Room)


This time, I also wanted lighting but without adding more electrical wiring. I found these cute plug in sconces which are attached to the panels with the cord running behind the panel. I can also tuck the plug behind the panel (which I wouldn’t normally do but Danny is starting to crawl around so it may be a good idea!)

It’s hard to capture it in the pictures, but the extra light that the sconces give off make the room feel a little magical. I love the extra glow and ambience!


The beaded trim is painted the same color as the wall (Benjamin Moore Silver Cloud) to give it a seamless look. We are using this same trim for the frame for the TV (coming soon) and as an accent on the mantel.


The width of the panel is the same as the wallpaper roll (about 27″). The height of the panel is 7′ which is tall enough where it draws your eye up and elevates the space.

Here are a few pictures, and a peek at the new mantel. More details on the mantel next week (there’s a couple minor things that still need to be done):

The frames in progress! You can see there is a solid wood panel that the wallpaper attaches to.

Don’t mind the mess here! This is a real behind the scenes photo deciding how high the light fixtures would be.

And another in action photo…. (I can’t wait for the ceiling beams to be installed this week too!)

Eric (our woodworker) installed french cleats to the back of the panels so they are secure to wall.

When the sconces arrived, the switch was on the cord but he was able to replace the wiring and add a switch directly onto the sconce (see below). Amazing.

I was so impressed with how it came out!

The x-base stool is just here temporarily but I wanted to show you this angle so you can see how the light plugs in. There is a space on the bottom of the panel for the cord too so it doesn’t bump out at all.

I will likely install the sleek socket to the outlets so it hides the cords, but there is usually a basket (or something) here too that covers it.

Here’s a peek at the back for those curious!

Even though we have lots to do still, I do feel like the room is coming along 🙂

I have been on the hunt for a large round mirror for above the fireplace and hoping I can get one in time. The backorder dates for things are crazy right now. I’ll share a round-up of options soon!

PS. What do you think about the coffee table? I found it on FB Marketplace for $20! We are having a coffee table made but are going to pull elements from it while sticking with the style from my inspiration board. I love the detailing on it (hard to see, but there’s scallop trim). The legs will have to go!

Next week, details on the mantel and ceiling beams… and in the meantime, be sure to check out other designers participating in the One Room Challenge by following this link. Thank you again for following along!

Samantha Regan

**UPDATE** Linking a few items that I am frequently getting asked about 🙂 I LOVE the wall sconces but they have since been discontinued. I will include a few similar options. As always reach out with any questions!

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  1. 7.13.21
    Jessica said:

    This is so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to do the same wallpaper panels in my house, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to do it – or where to find wood that big. I didn’t see it linked in the other post, would you be willing to share more details?

  2. 1.10.22
    Jennifer Campisi said:

    Can you send link for sconces? The one in post isnt working.

    • 1.12.22

      Hi Jennifer, I just tried the link and it looks like the sconces are sold out unfortunately. I will take a look and see if I can find similar

  3. 3.30.22
    Vanessa said:

    I love this idea! It came out great!! Do you mind sharing what trim and wood panel you used?
    I’m trying to do a similar wallpaper panel project, but hadn’t thought of attaching sconces to the center, only above. That’s a great idea with the cut out holes! I’ll have to try that; I have space on either side of my TV console.

  4. 8.4.22
    Brenda said:

    Love,love,love everything! I also want your coffee table! Are you willing to sell it?

    • 8.9.22

      hi, thank you!! The coffee table was a favorite. We aren’t quite ready to sell it now but I will reach out if that changes 🙂

      • 9.25.22
        Katy said:

        I think this is one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen in a long time! We’re building a new home and our builder charges a fortune to add extra electrical outlets so I was trying to figure out a way to add sconces without breaking the bank. Perfect solution!! Thanks.

        • 10.6.22

          Thank you Katy!! It’s been a favorite project to date. Send a pic of yours of you do it too! I’d love to see ~

  5. 10.31.22
    Katie said:

    What color is on the wall?!

    • 11.1.22

      Hi Katie, the wall color is called Silver Cloud by Benjamin Moore. It is a favorite!

  6. 11.6.22
    art elli said:

    Outstanding !!!!

  7. 12.2.22
    Crane Christine said:


  8. 12.10.22
    Nance Ouellette said:

    Do you have details on the wood you used and how to hang these panel? I want to do this on three boards splitting up a mural vertically.
    Thank you

    • 2.11.23

      Hi Nance, they are white hardwood Embossed Bead Trim Moulding from Home Depot. I’d love to hear how yours turns out!

  9. 1.1.23
    Connie Witte said:

    Your idea is incredible! Love the rich yet quiet wallpaper choice.
    Is it against code to hide the outlet behind the panel ?or a choice not to move the outlet to hide the cord?Due to additional $$$the clear cord helps. At least bundle the cord & hide it… especially with your Baby…. They notice everything 💕

    • 2.11.23

      Hi Connie, thank you for your comment! The cord hides behind the panel but the plug would be too thick in the outlet to cover it. A bench, baskets, or sometimes a small ottoman hides the outlet so it is out of sight. However, when designing this, we knew once our baby started moving we could easily tuck the cord behind the panel if needed 🙂

  10. 6.3.23
    Vidya said:

    What color wall paint is this I’ve been looking at similar colors for my bedroom

    • 6.3.23

      Hi! It called silver cloud by Benjamin Moore. It is beautiful in person too!

  11. 12.1.23

    I like the panel idea! Wow. Instead of the small white stool; I’d put a pot of green plants-real or fake on the floor to hide the cord. The sight of a cord always is a killer of the scene. But overall great!