Favorites Things in Our Kids’ Playroom

A few months ago, I gave our kids playroom a major overhaul. With 4 small children at different ages (1-8), it was not an easy task given the variety of toys we have accumulated. I joked that it was the hardest project that I’ve done! But honestly it did take quite a bit of thought and effort to get it to where I wanted it to be.

And don’t be fooled by these pics, it rarely ever looks like this in real life. The best thing though is that everything has a place, we decluttered a ton and have focused on being more intentional with toys since.

Here are some of my favorite things organizing and design elements in our playroom ~

  • Organizing the books by color and in reaching distance for the kids. The books are rarely put back in order but it hasn’t been hard for me to do a quick reorganizing from time to time.
  • The wall to wall built in cabinets have been awesome for a play room. I especially love all the closed storage with 11 sturdy (and cute!) bins that are labeled and easy for the kids to pull out for play.
  • The Nugget (play couch) has been a favorite thing in our house. We rotate toys every now and then so this sometimes is in our playroom, living room or basement. The kids make forts, slides and lounge here. This was a Christmas gift a couple years ago and one of the best.
  • Having a washable rug that we can throw in the washing machine is a must for our playroom.
  • Games and Puzzles are organized in mesh bags. This has been such a space saver! Most of our puzzles and games fit perfectly which has been great for keeping those organized. Some games with larger boards are still in boxes but overall this has helped to reduce the space needed to store these.
  • The craft section of the built ins. I organized all the go-to craft supplies that our girls use often. They love creating so having a variety of things on display has been great. Everything is stored in clear vases from the Dollar Store so they are easy to see. Some of their favorite craft things are stickers, poms-poms, googly eyes, washi tape, and more. I linked some of our go-to craft things here to make it easy if you looking to do something similar. See pic below for everything!)
  • On top of the built ins, I used baskets (they are actually laundry baskets from Target but super cute as storage too!). These house a variety of things that we don’t need to access often but still easy to throw things in and get down. They include paint supplies, play-doh, some of my design samples and the girls school papers/art projects that I save.
  • The french doors have been a favorite design element in the playroom too. I love the look of french doors and the kids can close the doors – but I can still peek on them 🙂 Also, the playroom gets super messy so it’s nice to be able to close it off somewhat easily when needed ~

I often get asked about our wallpaper when I share this room. It is a grasscloth and has held up incredibly well over the years. I love that since it is a natural material that even if it gets a little worn looking or beat up, it still looks good! (Here is a similar grasscloth wallcovering for those interested.)

Since Summer break, our playroom has definitely never looked this organized. Thought I would share the brief moments when it was actually picked up! Photos are a mix from myself and one of our favorite photographers, Erin Konrath Photography.

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