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How is everyone holding up? We’re on week 7 of the stay at home order here and I am SO ready for this to be over. Although it doesn’t look like that is happening anytime soon. On a positive side, it has been nice to slow down. I light candles in the morning, I’ve been cleaning more than ever, and have even been picking up magazines that I hadn’t had time to read before.

We’ve been trying to shop more local lately but also don’t know what we would do without the convenience and price points on Amazon! If you get a chance after this post, check out this brand new website where you can shop your local stores online. 100% of anything you purchase goes directly to the shop (amazing). This link will save you $10 on your first order too 🙂

But back to Amazon.. here are some of my favorite purchases over the past year that I thought you’d like too..

I use many things every single day (bb cream, sleep machine, cleaning bottles, hidden paper towel holder). I’ve also included a few cute things that have been super GREAT deals ($5 tissue box, tote bag, decorative beads, $10 sunglasses).

Here’s the full round up!

Handmade tote bag

The inside is darling too! It’s a good size but note that in person it looks a little smaller than some of the photos show (although still a good size). Available in 5 colors.

Tissue Box (only $5!)

These house tissue boxes are so cute and now I don’t mind having tissues out in our living room. I have one in our guest room too! I shared this find on Facebook and had a friend comment right away how much she loves hers too!

Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Our paper towels are now hidden in the inside of a cabinet vs. on the counter ~ but still very easy to access.

Wood Bead Garland

Wood beads are a favorite thing to style with lately. You can put them in a tray or bowl, wrap them around a vase or a lamp, or lay them on top of stacked books.

I have ours on our coffee table in a decorative bowl. I love how they are simple and add texture. The price and quality for these are great.

(wood beads styled here!)

Olaplex Hair Repair

This works wonders on my hair! I used to get this treatment at the salon after hair color and now can do it at home. A little goes a long way.

Glass Spray Bottles

I shared these in our spring cleaning post too, if they look familiar! We are cleaning constantly lately (at least it feels that way) and these spray bottles make it a little more enjoyable. I don’t mind having cleaning spray out on our counter now and love how organized they look in the cabinet.


The price is unbeatable (just over $10!). I have two pairs. My mom has them too. I had bought an expensive designer pair recently but keep going back to these.

$10 Sunglasses!

Dripless Candle Tapers

The look of dripping wax can be romantic, but I hate the clean up. Tapers give off beautiful candle light and ever since we’ve been using these dripless ones, we light them more often (almost nightly, especially while cooking).

Dripless Candle Tapers

Better Home & Garden Subscription

Only $5 for an entire year subscription. You save 90% when you order on Amazon. It’s a treat to get ours in the mail 🙂

BB Cream

This bb cream goes on smoothly, moisturizers, provides coverage and gives a pretty glow. With this too, a little goes a long way. Even if we aren’t leaving the house, I feel better putting a little on!

Frying Pan

Eric is very picky about his cookware and he found this pan (the 8″ is under $10). I was skeptical at first but have to admit it was one of his best purchases. We’ve had it for a few months now and it has held up wonderfully (AND it goes in the dishwasher).

White Noise Sound Machine

We have one of these in each of the kids rooms and we’re about to buy another one for ours. It’s also lightweight and easy to travel with (for you know, when we can do that again 😉

Shop this post:

I’d love to hear your favorite Amazon purchases too! Comment below and or send me a PM. Enjoy the rest of your week! We’ll be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary tomorrow (I have a fun date night idea for Eric that I’ll share a peek of in insta stories!)

Samantha Regan

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