“Fall”ifying our Porch

I’m so excited to share our fall porch with you today! The kids have gotten really into decorating with me this year which is so fun for this Momma.

They have loved visiting local farms and picking out pumpkins (which we probably got too many of this year!). But really, can you have too many? πŸ™‚

There were a few elements I tried this year and loved so much that I’ll probably have to recreate it again sometime!

Starting with….

Giant Mums and Cornstalks

I also added a giant white pumpkin! Go big or go home right?

PS. did you know that orange is inside of a white pumpkin? Learned this from our preschooler today. Can’t wait to carve it now!

The cornstalks were a first for me to decorate with. Thankfully my Aunt Caryl advised us to remove the corn before putting the corn stalks up. I never would have thought to do that and apparently we could have attracted some unwanted visitors.

If you’re in the Chicago suburbs, you have to check out Sugar Grove Pumpkin Farm. It’s a cute spot and we scored these corn stalks for only $5.

Stacked Pumpkins

This was the first year that I tried the stacked pumpkin thing. Also, the first year that I went with quite a few of the “warty” ones. I know they aren’t for everyone but I think they’re pretty good looking!

“FALL”ing Pumpkins

The “fall”ing pumpkins are my favorite though. It took a few minutes to get the look I was going for. In the end, it was worth putting in the extra effort.

I’ve been hair spraying all our outdoor pumpkins like crazy lately to keep them in place (thanks to some hungry squirrels).

If you struggle with this too, cheap hairspray is the answer. I’ve tried quite a few things in the past to keep them away -including hairspray – but learned that it’s only the CHEAP hairspray works. The Dollar Store stuff has worked well really well for us this year!

We have to spray them again every time it rains and ugh, we’ve had a lot of rain lately. Even snow and hail this past weekend if you can believe it (i still can’t….way too early). Good news is I was able to get a few photos in between the storms!

Layered Welcome Mats

I love the layered mat trend and was excited to give it a try. Ours are both from Target. The floral one is sold out. The Home Sweet HomeΒ is currently on sale! This is actually the 3rd time I have bought this one and comes in 2 sizes.

Tip: If you’re layering your mats, I recommend going with the smaller size that I linked.

{did you notice Harper’s baby toes lol?}

Kinzie helped rearrange the pumpkins and then asked if I would take a picture of her. I have a feeling she may become a style blogger!

And that’s all! We just switched out the light fixtures (after taking photos) and I added a super cute and simple DIY wreath. I’ll have to get photos of those too and share soon so look out for that.

I was going to wait to post these until then but saw Good Housekeeping posted our porch on their instagram! I was so excited about that and figured these pics were good enough to post now πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite thing to decorate your porch with?

Samantha Regan

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