Danny is One!

First birthday boy

Happy 1st birthday to Danny!!

I can’t believe our baby turned one this week. He has brought us so much joy, in such a crazy year. It’s definitely been an emotional week over here!! How has a year gone by already???

Danny has been the greatest gift to our family and we are thanking our “lucky stars”. He is the sweetest, happiest baby and loves his 3 big sisters so much. The girls love him so much and are like mini mommies, which is adorable. They were so excited to for his very first birthday and even though our celebration was smaller than usual parties, it was still so special. We decorated the house the night before (which has become a family tradition for everyone’s birthdays) and started the day with a “ball pit” in his crib. I’ve done this for all 4 kids now on their first birthdays and they have all loved it!

I also printed out probably 100+ photos of memories over the past year and set them in a tray on our coffee table. Our whole family has loved going through all the pictures this week and reminiscing. I may have shed a few tears!

Here are a few favorite snaps from Danny’s birthday + decor favorites ~

The photo all the way to the left (with all 4 kids) is my favorite of the bunch. It was the very first picture of all 4 kids together when Danny was just a couple days old. I remember how challenging it was to keep them all in one place, even for just a few seconds 🙂

First birthday balloon blue star

Another thing that we started earlier this year with the girls is giving one balloon for each year of age the morning of the kids birthdays. So Danny got one giant balloon for one year old. We ended up getting a few more later for his celebration but I love this balloon tradition that our friends shared with us.

Sarmie Sisters Sweets in the Tri cities made us the most beautiful, perfect cookies to celebrate this milestone. They’re the BEST cookies and taste as good as they look.

One year old birthday cookies star cookies

We started the day celebrating (even down to his bamboo birthday jammies and themed birthday diapers!) .…

And ended the day at the pool, one of Danny’s favorite places to be….

Squeezing this sweet boy extra hard since I know how short these days are. I started this blog when Taylor was this age, which was 6 years ago and feels like yesterday sometimes. I have loved being able to share family milestones here and our home + decor. I just want to say Thank YOU for being here with me!

Samantha Regan

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