The Coziest Sheets

We love our bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth so much and they are offering my readers a special discount (link below).

Cozy Earth is one my favorite brands for lounge wear & pajamas too. Hint, hint for anyone looking for Mothers Day gifts! I feel like I could live in their clothes.

We’ve had their sheets for a couple months and they have quickly become our favorite. Within the first week of putting them on, Eric mentioned on THREE separate occasions how much he liked them. For the record, he almost never notices when I make any changes around the house so this was a big deal! The bamboo material is very soft and temperature regulating which is why I think we like them so much.

Putting on fresh sheets always feels so good. Doesn’t it?

Here are a few highlights on Cozy Earth sheets:

  • They are SO soft. They actually have a guarantee that they are the softest bamboo sheets in the world. PS. Oprah is also a fan.
  • Temperature Regulating (they don’t overheat)
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • And Stain Resistant!

It’s a treat to get into bed these days and get a good night sleep. Given the amount of time we spend in bed, I truly believe it is one of the most important places in your home to invest in. Did you know you actually get better sleep when you are more comfortable in bed?

The discount also works on their lounge wear and pajamas! The bamboo feels buttery soft and the material helps regulate your body temperature too.

My favorites are the jogger pants and pullover crew.

Here’s the link to see more

Cozy Earth ~ Bamboo Sheets & Loungewear

The 40% off should apply automatically at checkout but in case it doesn’t, use CESHININGONDESIGN.

Samantha Regan

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