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We’ve been counting down the days for warm weather and it is finally here! My birthday is on Tuesday and I’m treating myself to a couple things to spruce up our outdoor patio. I’m excited to share some of the items I’ve found with you!

I think you’ll like them too 🙂

I’m MOST excited about the dining table. We just ordered it and it arrives on Wednesday! It was a little bit of a splurge for me, but it is on SALE right now so we took advantage. I love that it is durable and has a natural look (sandstone inspired). It also comfortably seats 8 people. More if we do a bench (great for kids!). We like to host a lot so this table is perfect.

Sandstone Dining Table

I’m also excited to use these mini fireplaces from Flikr Firplace on our table (see above board). I’ll be sharing more on them very soon! We’ve been using our personal fireplaces indoors and you can even roast marshmallows on them.

Wood adirondack chairs

We already have the adirondack chairs but if you are in the market, I found these for an incredible deal!! Here are the ones we have which have held up great over the last 2 years: Classic Adirondack Chairs

Sunbrella Umbrella

Eric and I have been eyeing a striped Sunbrella umbrella for our table. Isn’t it great? He likes it because it is large to cover most of the table. I like it for the style and material. We do have a Sunbrella one now that I really like (it’s a magenta color) but it doesn’t work as well as it used to. We may have to wait on this piece..

Bistro Chairs

Bistro chairs! I’m sure most of you have seen these from Serena and Lily – which are so stylish and will be 20% off Memorial Day weekend.

After visiting High Point Market in April (a huge furniture market for trade only), I was introduced to a few other companies that carry similar chairs. I have my heart set on the bistro style so we’ll see which ones make it to the cart!

Banana Leaf Pillows

We have similar banana leaf pillows already which I love. I found ours at Homegoods but just saw these available for $5 each!! If you do order them, please let me know how you like them! If you want to spend a little more, try these (excellent reviews).

I love our hydrangeas in the front of our house and would like to plant more in the back too. Maybe even the limelight hydrangeas which seem to bloom earlier and longer. Our peony bushes we planted are about to bloom and I’d like to add more color- with easy maintenance plants and flowers – to our backyard.


Did you know you can order real hydrangea shrubs on amazon?

I mean, what can’t you order on amazon?! The prices are great and although I like visiting our local nursery, I am VERY tempted to go this route for convenience.


Sandstone Dining Table

Bistro Chairs


Adirondack Chairs (similar)

Outdoor mini fireplaces

Bamboo leaf pillows

Blue and white Garden stool

Hydrangea Live Shrub (on Amazon!)

Outdoor lights

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